Americans interests don’t interest Obama, Re: The Great Disconnect, International Herald Tribune Sunday Review, June 23, 2013

Last January the Pew Research Center asked Americans to list their priorities for 2013 as Obama began his second term as President. Jobs and the economy, health care costs and entitlement reform and fighting poverty and reforming the tax code topped people’s lists. Gun control, immigration and climate change were at the bottom.

Nevertheless, six months into his second term Obama is prioritizing gun control, immigration and climate change and not dealing with jobs and the economy, health care costs, entitlement reform, fighting poverty or reforming the tax code even though firearm homicides are at a 30 year low, the percentage of the population that is foreign born is large, growing and unprecedented and global warming has been much lower than projected for at least the last fifteen years and even though the economy remains in terrible shape, the level of unemployment is a national disgrace, health care costs are going through the roof and will do nothing but rise as Obamacare takes hold, entitlement reform and reforming the tax code are distant dreams and poverty is endemic and becoming more widespread.

In short, Obama’s priorities are not the priorities of the American people.

What else are Americans interested in?

How about preserving their privacy?

How about preserving their freedom?

How about preserving their democracy?

How about preserving their values?

How about preserving their institutions?

How about maintaining their national security?

How about maintaining their personal safety?

How about maintaining their respect for government?

How about maintaining their trust in government?

How about maintaining their international standing and leadership role in the world?

How about being spoken to honestly and openly and not being constantly lied to?

How about being treated respectfully and not being ridiculed and denigrated all the time?

And on and on.

Obama has failed miserably in all these areas and many, many others. He has pursued a dictatorial, socialist, big government, anti-American domestic and international agenda from the very beginning and the American people, America itself and the free world have suffered terribly as a result and will continue to suffer as long as he is in office.

In truth, Obama’s interests and the interests of the American people don’t match and never have and never will and his performance in office has been catastrophic and will do nothing except get worse, not better.

He simply has to go.


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