Egyptians take to the streets as America and the West sleepwalk towards extinction, Re: Egypt Erupts, FrontPage Magazine, July 1, 2013

Fourteen million Egyptians marched in Egypt yesterday against President Mohammad Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, who he represents and whose ideology he is trying to implement in the country.

The marchers demanded that Morsi resign and call early elections, with the main opposition party saying that 22 million Egyptians had signed a petition to that effect and that there would be a campaign of civil disobedience if he didn’t.

According to the BBC several government ministers resigned in an act of “solidarity with the people’s demand to overthrow the regime”.

Egypt’s population is roughly 84 million people. 14 million marchers represent one-sixth of the population and 22 million signatories represent over one-quarter of the population. This means that huge numbers of Egyptians are unhappy and dissatisfied with Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood and want them out of office and out of their lives.


Because their performance in office has been abominable, because the country’s economy has suffered terribly under them, because ordinary Egyptians have become much poorer since they took power, because the state has become far more intrusive in ordinary people’s lives since they formed the government, because people’s lives and the life of the country have diminished and are being diminished more and more every day, because food, gas and other staples are scarce and becoming more expensive and unobtainable, because the ideology that Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood represent, Islam, cannot bring prosperity, security and modernity to Egypt and the country would be dragged back to the seventh century if they remained in power and because vast numbers of Egyptians know this and want them gone.

In the meantime, Islam and Islamists are busily bringing their poisonous, failed ideology to the United States and the rest of the West. Every single Western country you can name is being attacked by Islam and Islamists and is in danger of being turned into an Islamic nation governed by Sharia, Islamic law, every single one.

This is due in large part because Westerners in general, particularly Americans, have no idea how backwards, destructive and deadly Islam really is and how much of a threat it really is to them and their freedom and way of life, have no idea that imposition of Islam would bring untold suffering, bloodshed and death, have no idea that imposition of Islam would mean the end of their freedom and way of life and the demise of them and their countries. They are ignorant about Islam and Islamists , about the true nature and essence and goals and objectives of Islam and Islamists, about how Islam manifests itself in the world and has always manifested itself in the world and that ignorance is leading them to sleepwalk to their own extinction.

They had better learn quickly and act on their newfound knowledge or else Islam and Islamists will take over and the West won’t survive.

Vast numbers of Egyptians (and Turks and others in the Middle East) aren’t sleepwalking anymore and Westerners can’t afford to sleepwalk either.

Time is short.

Learn and act, learn and act.

While you still can.

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