Independence Day isn’t what it used to be, Re: Celebrating liberty as it slips away, New York Post, July 4th, 2013

July 4th is Independence Day in the United States. It is America’s birthday and Americans will be celebrating all over the country.

They should do more than celebrate.

If they want to preserve their liberty and freedom and democracy and way of life they should rise up and insist that President Obama be either impeached or otherwise force him to resign because his record clearly shows that there is no greater threat to their liberty, freedom, democracy and way of life than him, Barack Hussein Obama…because his record clearly shows that he has eroded and eliminated liberty, freedom and democracy in the U.S. and transformed the American way of life according to his big government socialist all knowing all seeing all controlling ideology and that he will continue to do so as long as he is in office.

If Americans think its bad now let him finish his term and see what happens. The country will be unrecognizable and quite possibly irretrievable.

I am a proud, patriotic American who loves America and everything she stands for and has always stood for. I know that America has warts, but I also know that in spite of all there is no greater force for good in the world, that her liberty, freedom, democracy and way of life are one of mankind’s greatest achievements, that billions of people have found happiness and prosperity there, that the free, civilized world would cease to exist if not for her, that the world would descend into darkness if she weakens and dies, that her potential for improving the lives of billions of people around the globe is unlimited, that Obama is well on the way to bringing her crashing down and that that could very well happen if he is allowed to remain in office.

So how do I feel on my country’s birthday?

Sad, angry, afraid, mystified and hopeful, that’s how.

Sad that the country has degenerated in so many ways under Obama.

Angry that it has degenerated in so many ways under Obama.

Afraid that it will continue to degenerate under Obama.

Mystified about why the degeneration happened and is continuing to happen and why the American people allow it to go on.

Hopeful that they won’t do so for much longer.

Hopeful that they will hurry up and get rid of Barack Hussein Obama and reclaim their country and their lives.

If they don’t their liberty, freedom, democracy and way of life will be a thing of the past.

Happy Independence Day America.

Here’s hoping that the next one is much much better.

If there is a next one.

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