Bi-partisan unity and sanity in U.S. Congress, at least in this instance, Re: White House plan to arm Syrian rebels stalled, as Congress doubts Obama strategy, Jerusalem Post, July 13, 2013

U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama wants to send weapons to forces fighting against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his regime, even though the forces include al-Qaeda and other Islamist groups which hate the United States and see America as their mortal enemy, even though it is dead certain that those weapons will fall into their hands once they are sent and even though it is also dead certain that those weapons will be used against America and American interests once that happens.

Congress has rebuked Obama by refusing to provide funding for Obama’s scheme however. Intelligence committees in the House of Representatives and the Senate have to approve funding for the scheme and both have refused to do so. In a rare show of bi-partisan unity and sanity Democrats and Republicans alike made the decision to refuse funding and Democrats and Republicans alike support it.


Because Democrats and Republicans alike (except for Obama and his minions and acolytes that is) know that arming your enemy with weapons which will be used against you is the height of idiocy.

Its also traitorous and treasonous and Democrats and Republicans alike rightfully want nothing to do with such idiocy and rightfully refuse to countenance it.

Sanity has prevailed in Washington, at least in this instance, and that is a very positive development indeed.

One can only hope that Democrats and Republicans alike will unite again, hold Obama accountable for his innumerable transgressions and failures which have brought the country to the brink of rack and ruin and remove him from office. God knows, there are ample reasons to get him out of there and it is entirely possible legally. The only question is whether Democrats and Republicans alike are sane enough, strong enough and courageous enough to do it, whether Democrats and Republicans alike have enough personal and political cojones to do it.

There would be no better instance of sanity prevailing in Washington than that.

In a related development, a criminal investigation against deposed Egyptian Islamist President Mohamed Morsi is being launched in Egypt. The Public Prosecutor’s Office is examining complaints of spying, inciting violence and ruining the economy against Morsi and other members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

That is a very positive development too.

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