Too bad they weren’t stunned long before he met Zimmerman, Re: Trayvon Martin’s parents say they’re ‘stunned’ by George Zimmerman verdict, Washington Times, July 18, 2013

So Trayvon Martin’s parents are doing the rounds of the media and saying that they are stunned by the verdict in George Zimmerman’s trial.

Too bad they weren’t stunned by their son’s criminal, anti-social, self-destructive behavior, which was going on long before Zimmerman came across him.

Too bad they weren’t stunned when he first ran afoul of the law.

Too bad they weren’t stunned when he first ran afoul of school authorities.

Too bad they weren’t stunned when he first began his downward slide.

Too bad they weren’t stunned enough to do everything they could to prevent it all from happening.

Trayvon Martin was no ordinary young man, no paragon of virtue, no role model or exemplary young person.

He was a thief and a thug who was no stranger to police.

His future was entirely predictable. Even if he never met Zimmerman, he was destined to go to prison or die violently or be a burden on society or some such thing.

That doesn’t mean he deserved to die the way he did.

It just means that things were the way they were, that he was what he was, and that he was culpable in his own death.

So were his parents and everyone around him who glossed over, excused, enabled or glorified his behavior.

Martin’s parents stunning came way too late for their son and when it came it was about the wrong thing.

If they got stunned when he first began his downward slide they might have prevented it and he might still be alive today.

Too bad they couldn’t have prevented the downward slide from happening in the first place.

Parenthood is the toughest job of all.

Too bad they didn’t work an awful lot harder at it.

Their behavior, the behavior of the media and the behavior of racists, hatemongers and opportunists who are tripping over themselves trying to take advantage of Martin’s death and the circumstances surrounding it are stunning, not the verdict in the trial, which acquitted Zimmerman and was absolutely correct.

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