There’s only one question left to ask about Obama, Re: Getting out from under Obama’s bus before it’s too late, Canada Free Press, July 19, 2013

Bemoaning about Barack Hussein Obama’s transgressions and failures since he became President of the United States is utterly pointless.


Because bitching and complaining isn’t going to get rid of him, that’s why.

The man is a lousy President who is rapidly turning himself into a dictator.

He is leading the country to rack and ruin and turning it into an Orwellian state in which big government is all-intrusive, all-knowing and all-controlling.

He is making a mockery of American values and everything America stands for and has always stood for.

He is a liar, an ideologue and a demagogue who is stripping away American’s freedom, democracy and prosperity day by day.

He is not preserving and strengthening America, he is weakening and destroying it.

He is taking America and Americans down, not raising them up.

Economically, socially, morally, intellectually, in every way anyone can think of his performance in office has been ruinous…Americans lives and the life of the country have been diminished every day in every way since he became President and there is no possibility whatsoever that things will improve with him in office.

Everything will only get worse.

All of that leaves Americans with one question and one question only about Obama.

What can we do to get rid of him?

Legally of course.

Bitching and complaining won’t do it.

We have to get rid of him soon, for our future, our children and grandchildren’s future and the future of the country.

The future of the free world too because the free world cannot possibly survive without a strong, vibrant, prosperous United States of America.

You know that, I know that and large and growing numbers of Americans understand and realize it as well.

How to do it and do it soon, that’s the question.

We’d better come up with answers and then act on them.


While we still can.

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