Ruining the economy, Obama’s economic agenda, Re: Obama Presides Over Worst Economy Ever, Gives Speech Full of Crazy Lies Promising Pie in the Sky, FrontPage Magazine, July 25, 2013

President Obama gave a speech in Illinois yesterday in which he tried to convince Americans that his economic policies are on the right track and that the economy is recovering as a result. Americans know better and the speech fell on deaf ears. It was virtually universally panned and was full of lies, distortions and meaningless rhetoric and very few people gave it any credence at all.

Obama’s economic policies are on the right track however.

For him and his fellow anti-American ideologues, not for America and Americans.

I was originally going to call this little essay ’Obama’s economic agenda ruining the economy’. Then I thought that’s backwards and decided to call it “Ruining the economy, Obama’s economic agenda” instead. I did that because I have long thought that Obama fundamentally dislikes America and its freedom, values and institutions and that his sole purpose as President is to transform the country and make government the master of the people instead of the servant of the people, to crush American values and institutions, get rid of freedom and democracy and make government all knowing, all seeing and all controlling. A great way to do that is to ruin the economy and make Americans dependent on government for their economic survival, dependant on government for their food, which is precisely what Obama’s economic policies are doing. After all, if government controls a persons food and livelihood it controls everything and can get away with anything. That’s why the country’s economy is being ruined. A ruined economy will enable Obama and his fellow ideologues to transform America according to their wishes. Its all very cynical, very cruel, very calculated and is all being done on purpose.

One statistic will suffice to make the point. There are now over fifty million Americans on food stamps, which means that roughly one-sixth of the population needs assistance from government to eat. That is a massive increase over the number of Americans who were on food stamps when Obama was first elected in 2008. The number of Americans on food stamps is growing and growing every day, which in turn means that the economy is getting worse and worse every day. That is just one statistic, one indicator, that can be cited. There are many, many more. Suffice it to say that the American economy is in terrible shape and that things are getting worse by the minute.

By design.

Obama’s design.

Americans can see with their own eyes that Obama’s performance is ruining the country’s economy. If they take a serious look at his background, history, ideology and overall performance as President its easy to conclude that he is doing it on purpose and also easy to figure out the reason why.

I used to think that Obama was simply incompetent and that he was in way over his head. I don’t think that anymore. I think that he is extremely competent, that he has an agenda, that he is well on the way to achieving it and that he will achieve it if he is not stopped. Ruining America’s economy is a tool, a means to an end.

Obama wants to transform America alright.

Transform it by destroying it.

Americans need to come to the same conclusion.

Given the evidence, how can they not?

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