The real reason Obama is going to bomb Syria, Re: Evidence: Sarin Gas Attack Work of U.S. Allies, WorldNetDaily, August 27, 2013

The United States is accusing Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad of attacking Syrian civilians with chemical weapons and is using this as an excuse to take military action against him and his regime.

The use of U.S. military force is imminent and all indications are that it will take place in the next few days.

While there is absolutely no doubt that chemical weapons were recently used against Syrian civilians credible evidence is emerging that it was the rebels themselves who used them, not al-Assad.

In light of this emerging evidence Obama should postpone an attack until it can be established beyond a shadow of a doubt that the weapons were in fact used by al-Assad.

Truth be told he should decide not to bomb Syria even if al-Assad used chemical weapons against civilians, but that would be too much to hope for.

Will he postpone an attack?

No, he won’t and an attack by the U.S. military in the next few days is virtually a foregone conclusion.


Because Obama wants to overthrow the al-Assad regime and replace it with a government formed by the rebels, even though the rebels are made up entirely of Islamists who wish to bring the United States to its knees on the way to establishing a worldwide Islamic Caliphate in which Islam reigns supreme and even though they will do everything they can to harm and eventually destroy the U.S. should they come to power.

Why on earth would a President of the United States of all people want to do that?

Why on earth would a President of the United States of all people ally himself and the country with Islamists like that in the first place?

For the same reason he supports the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, for the same reason he has allowed Islam and Islamists to take prominent roles in American government and policymaking, for the same reason he has allowed Islam and Islamists to undermine, subvert and weaken American values, institutions and the American way of life as part of the effort to turn the U.S. into an Islamic country governed by Sharia, Islamic law, for the same reason he has done everything he can to undermine, subvert, weaken and destroy Israel, for the same reason he has seriously weakened the American military.

Because he himself is an Islamist, that’s why.

Take a serious, honest, objective and factual look at his background and track record and you can come to no other conclusion.

Bombing Syria would significantly strengthen the rebels and significantly weaken the government and is clearly not in the best interests of the United States on any number of levels, whether it used chemical weapons against civilians or not.

Because he is an Islamist and because he does not have the best interests of the United States at heart Obama is going to do it anyway.

Bet on it.

One last thought.

Would he take action against the rebels if they were the ones who used chemical weapons against civilians?

Not a chance.

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