Arab Winter Opposed to Israeli Spring, Re: The Israeli Spring, Washington Times, August 30, 2013

Comparing Israel to its neighbours in the Middle East is like comparing an oasis of modernity, prosperity, freedom, democracy, tolerance, civilization, inventiveness and entrepreneurial, forward thinking to a cesspool of backwardness, poverty, totalitarianism, misogyny, intolerance, hatred, violence, barbarity, conformity and atavism in which real thinking is verboten.

That’s neighbours without exception.

Israel stands out not because it is a tiny Jewish state surrounded by hordes of Islamic antagonists who are offended by its very existence and who want nothing more than to destroy it and wipe it off the map on religious grounds but because it is modern, prosperous, free, democratic, tolerant and civilized unlike any of its neighbours and because it is not governed and hamstrung by backward, uncivilized, hateful, violent, misogynistic 1,400 year old attitudes and doctrines.

Israel’s neighbours should stop demonizing, vilifying and trying to destroy Israel because that is entirely self-defeating. They should instead throw off the shackles of the past (which will forever prevent them from living in the future), learn to respect and admire Israel’s achievements, take lessons from the Israelis about how to develop and maintain a prosperous society which makes enormous contributions to the world in the face of overwhelming odds and apply those lessons to their own societies.

The closer one compares Israel to its neighbours the more exceptional and civilized she looks, the more exceptional and civilized she is. If Israel’s neighbours are ever going to stop killing each other, improve the lives of their people, contribute to humanity like Israel has and does and move forward into the twenty-first century instead of living backward lives in the seventh they will have to put down their swords and emulate her instead of continually raising them and remaining mired in the past.

Now that would be the end of the 1,400 year old Arab Winter and the start of the true Arab Spring.

As for the Israeli Spring, that started a long time ago.

No thanks to Israel’s neighbours.

In spite of Israel’s neighbours.

Physician heal thyself as they say.

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