Sickening, sickening, sickening…absolutely, unequivocally, demonstrably sickening, Re: Is Barack Obama the Worst and Most Incompetent President Ever?, PJ Media, September 3, 2013

Is Barack Obama the worst and most incompetent President ever?


Absolutely, unequivocally, demonstrably yes.

Unless of course he is an Islamist.

Which is entirely possible given his personal background and performance in office.

In which case he is trying to destroy America on purpose.

In which case he is America’s most devious and dangerous President.

Absolutely, unequivocally, demonstrably devious and dangerous.

Either way it sickens everyone who values and loves freedom and democracy and equality and everything else America stands for and has always stood for.

Everyone who appreciates Americas enormous contributions to the world, past, present and future.

Everyone who believes in hope and the American dream.

Everyone who understands that the free world cannot possibly survive if America doesn’t survive, everyone who understands that there would be no free world without America.

Sickens, sickens, sickens.

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