What else should outrage Americans?, Re: As long as Obama is peddling outrage as the motive for foreign policy…., American Thinker, September 8, 2013

United States President Barack Hussein Obama is using video footage of people who were gassed and killed by chemical weapons in Syria to garner support for an attack by the U.S. military on Syrian President Bashar Assad and his forces.

Obama alleges that Assad and his forces used the chemical weapons even though there is no proof that they actually did and even though there is a great deal of evidence which indicates very strongly that the chemical weapons were used by the rebels in Syria and that they were responsible for the resultant deaths, not Assad and his forces.

Chemical weapons were used in Syria to be sure, but who used them is very, very questionable.

Regardless, Obama wants to use the American military to attack Assad and his forces, even though he cannot prove that they used chemical weapons, even though it is entirely possible, indeed probable, that they were used by the rebels and even though a military attack by the United States will do nothing but worsen and inflame the situation in Syria and the wider Middle East and is most definitely not in the best interests of the U.S.

That is outrageous.

What else should outrage Americans?

How about the fact that the rebels are made up virtually exclusively of Islamists who will turn Syria into a full-fledged Islamic country governed by Islamic law, with all the attendant horrific consequences for the Syrian people, the Middle East and the United States? The rebels (most of whom are no more Syrian than I am) aren’t fighting for freedom and democracy in Syria, or even to topple Assad and his regime as such. They are fighting in the name of Islam in order to make Syria totally Islamic. Assad and his regime are standing in their way and that is why they must go. If the rebels win Syria will become a full fledged Islamic country and the Syrian people, the Middle East and the United States will pay a terrible price.

That is outrageous.

How about the fact that the U.S. has a President who is backing the wrong horse in Syria from national security, humanitarian and moral points of view, who should be coming down squarely on the side of Assad and not the rebels, whose actions continually make things worse for America and Americans and who may very well be a closet Islamist and Jihadist himself?

That is outrageous.

How about the fact that the rebels commit atrocities every day in Syria, that these atrocities are widespread, well documented and beyond dispute, that the American people are being kept in the dark about them and that Obama and his administration trivialize them and do everything they can to avoid mentioning them at all? Every day in Syria the rebels terrorize, kidnap, enslave, rape, torture, mutilate, behead and murder people, every day in Syria the rebels violate and kill people in unspeakable ways, every day in Syria the rebels make a mockery of human rights, civil liberties and any notion of civilized behaviour…don’t see Obama and his administration doing anything to stop any of that, do you?

That is outrageous, and so is the fact that Obama and his administration support the barbarians who commit these acts in the first place.

How about the fact that Obama and his administration refuse to acknowledge the central role that Islam is playing in the war in Syria, that it is a religious war and not a civil war, that everything the rebels say and do is justified, legitimized and sanctioned by Islam, that the war is really an extension of a war that has been going on in Islam since Islams very beginning, that the imposition of Islam is a mortal threat to the United States, that the Islamists and Jihadists who make up the rebels hate and are disgusted by America and all things American and want to bring the United States to its knees, that Islam and Islamists and Jihadists have made deep and serious inroads in the U.S. and are making more as we speak, that a rebel victory in Syria would enable Islam and Islamists and Jihadists to advance that much quicker in America and that America and Americans have nothing to fear if the Assad regime emerges victorious in the war whereas they have a great deal to fear if the rebels win?

That’s outrageous.

Outraged about the use of chemical weapons in Syria? By all means. Don’t limit your outrage to that alone though.

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