That should be Reconciling Islamic practices and principles with Western practices and principles, Re: Reconciling Muslim practices with Western principles, Toronto Globe & Mail, September 6, 2013

Muslims cannot reconcile Islam with Western practices and principles and neither can anyone else. Islam and Western practices and principles are fundamentally incompatible and irreconcilable and denying that is denying Islam’s nature, essence, texts, mandates, reality and 1,400 year old history.

Islam demands that its adherents impose Islamic law, values and culture on all those they come in contact with by any means necessary, including violence and deception…Islam is always in conflict with other religions and belief and value systems because its whole purpose is to conquer non-believers and turn everyone it comes in contact with into a believer and practitioner, whether they want to be a believer and practitioner or not…to turn countries that are non-Islamic into Islamic states governed by Islamic law. Islam’s overarching mandate is for believers to conquer non-believers and force them to submit to Islam. That is the most important, central, fundamental requirement and practice and principle of all. Conquest and submission…over and above the cruelty, barbarity and hatred that are at the heart of Islam that is what Islam is all about and has always been all about and that is why reconciling it with Western practices and principles is impossible. Islam cannot reconcile itself with Western practices and principles, by definition.

Western practices and principles cannot be reconciled with Islam either. Freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of thought, freedom of conscience, civil liberties, equality of the sexes, freedom from religion, governance by man’s law, critical enquiry, respect, tolerance, freedom from torture and slavery, equal rights for all…the whole panoply of Western practices and principles… have no place in Islam and have never had a place in Islam. It is intolerance and conformity and uniformity and racism and misogyny personified and is the very antithesis of Western practices and principles. The West cannot reconcile itself with Islam because the differences are too deep, because it would have to change completely if it did, because it would be conquered if it did, because it would die if it did.

So why should the word Muslim in the Globe & Mail headline be changed to Islamic?

Because while Islam is monolithic Muslims aren’t.

Because not all Muslims practice Islam.

Because there are many people that practice Islam who aren’t Muslims.

Because many of those who practice Islam, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, only practice very select parts of it and don’t foist the bulk of it on anyone else or harm anyone else.

Because while Islam is a serious, deadly threat to the West and has spread poison, havoc, destruction, violence and death wherever it has gone, there are infinite numbers of Muslims living in the West who live ordinary lives according to the law of the land, raise their children well, keep their religion to themselves, contribute to society and are no more a threat to the West than the man in the moon.

Because Islam is the problem, not ordinary Muslims, and using the word Muslim in the headline tars everyone with the same brush and is patently inaccurate and unfair.

Islam is a problem for the West alright, a big, huge problem, the biggest problem of all in fact.

That doesn’t mean Muslims as such are though.

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