Temporary public relations victories aren’t real victories, Re: Syria hails US-Russia deal on chemical weapons, BBC News, September 15, 2013

Of course it does, because under the deal Syria gets to keep its chemical weapons, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad gets to remain in power and the Syrian military, backed and supplied by Russia and Iran, gets to keep on fighting against the rebels who are trying to overthrow the al-Assad regime without having to worry about being attacked by the American military.

Those weren’t the intentions of the United States when it agreed to the deal, but those are the results because US President Barack Hussein Obama and US Secretary of State John Kerry got well and truly manipulated and outmaneuvered by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

The Russians wanted al-Assad to retain his chemical weapons capability, to keep al-Assad in power and to defeat the rebels. That is what is going to happen.

The Americans wanted the chemical weapons possessed by the Syrian military to be taken out of al-Assads hands and destroyed, to defeat al-Assad and remove him from power and to replace his regime with a rebel led government. None of that is going to happen.


Two reasons really.

First, the deal is impossible practically. Syria’s chemical weapons stockpiles are vast and dispersed throughout the country. The idea that the Syrian government will reveal their full extent and turn all of them over to be destroyed is pure fantasy. Even if it wanted to, which it most certainly doesn’t, it couldn’t do so as long as the war with the rebels is raging anyway.

Second, only the credible threat of American military intervention would force Syria to turn over its chemical weapons and al-Assad, Putin and everyone else involved in Syria and the Middle East know that the United States is simply not going to take meaningful military action in Syria, no matter what Obama says…know that the United States is simply not going to take meaningful military action in Syria despite his threats and rhetoric. Syria may in the end turn over a few weapons as a gesture of goodwill or just to keep on stringing Obama along or some such thing, but anyone who thinks it will turn over all of them is living in fantasyland.

The only way that Obama can get rid of al-Assad and his chemical weapons and replace the al-Assad regime with a rebel led government is to use the US military and do it himself.

Forget that.

He just don’t have the stomach or the will to do it. He is weak and lacks credibility, that weakness and lack of credibility is obvious and al-Assad and Putin have exploited him and will continue to exploit him, end of story.

They aren’t the only ones exploiting his weakness and lack of credibility either.

The Iranians are too.

The Iranians have been listening to Obama’s bluster, threats and rhetoric for years about their nuclear weapons development program and have studiously ignored him as they proceeded on the path to becoming a nuclear power, which they are very close to doing.

Why have they ignored him?

Because like al-Assad and Putin they had him pegged correctly from the beginning…they knew he was weak and ineffectual, that he could be used and manipulated and that they had nothing to fear from him or by extension the American military.

What does that mean?

It means that very soon the Israelis will do what they have to do and launch a unilateral, preemptive strike against Iran’s nuclear weapons development facilities in order to prevent Iran from using nuclear weapons against Israel, which it would most assuredly do at the earliest possible opportunity.

They’ll do it in the name of national survival and they’ll do it because they have Obama pegged too.

Obama’s (and Kerry’s and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s too for that matter) weak and feckless performance won’t lead to peace in Syria, the wider Middle East or anywhere else. All it will lead to is more bloodshed, destruction, death and war, quite possibly including nuclear war. That’s what happens when the United States has a weakling as President.

That’s what happens in the Middle East…the strong get respected, feared and grudgingly admired and the weak get exploited and taken advantage of.

See Jimmy Carter.

The US-Russian deal may allow Obama to temporarily save some face but it has as much chance of success as I have of flying to the moon. It will die a slow, agonizing death and when it does al-Assad will still be in power, he will still have his chemical weapons, the religious war in Syria will still be going on and Obama will blame everyone else except himself.

Of course Syria is hailing the US-Russian deal.

The Syrians are probably snickering and laughing their heads off as well.

Putin and the Russians too.

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