Now?, Re: Christians now suffering mass martyrdom, says Archbishop of Canterbury, Daily Telegraph, September 26, 2013

The Archbishop of Canterbury says that Christians are now suffering mass martyrdom and being deliberately attacked because of their faith.

What does he mean now? Its not a new phenomenon at all. Its been going on for 1,400 years. What’s happening to Christians now has been happening to them ever since Islam first came into existence. Christians are suffering terribly at the hands of Islam and Islamists purely because they are Christian and that is a phenomenon as old as Islam itself.

The historical record is clear and beyond dispute. Christian churches have always been destroyed, Christian property has always been confiscated (stolen) and Christians have always been persecuted, attacked, subjugated, mutilated, raped, killed, treated as less than human, forced to convert and forced to flee for their lives by Islamists acting in the name of Islam…twas ever thus as they say. That’s what is going on now and that is what has been going on since Islam’s earliest days.

Denying that is denying history and reality.

Denying that means being ignorant at best or being disingenuous or a flat out liar at worst.

No, its not just now. Not at all.

Islamic apartheid.

Islamic ethnic cleansing.

That’s what it boils down to now and that’s what its boiled down to from the beginning.

The fact is Islam by its very nature and essence cannot abide Christianity and Christians.

The fact is Christianity and Christians are in great peril, mortal peril, wherever Islam and Islamists gain the upper hand.

Its also not just Christians.

Its Jews (especially Jews) and every other non believer too.

Islam and Islamists can’t abide them either.

By their very nature and essence.

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