Negotiate? Who me, says Obama the bully, Re: House GOP Stands Firm on Health Law, Wall Street Journal, October 4, 2013

The government shutdown in the United States is continuing because President Obama is refusing to negotiate changes in Obamacare, which is of course why the shutdown occurred in the first place.

Republicans in the House of Representatives have made it perfectly clear that they would vote to free up funds that would bring the shutdown to an end in return for negotiating changes to Obamacare but Obama has repeatedly refused to come to the table, just like he did before the shutdown occurred to begin with.

Obama is behaving like a bully. He is telling the American people that Obamacare is going to be implemented whether they like it or not and that there is nothing they can do about it…and make no mistake, Americans recognize Obamacare for the boondoggle and catastrophe it is for them and the economy of the country and want nothing to do with it, as evidenced by the fact that virtually no one has signed up for it since it came into effect. Americans know that it has to be fundamentally changed or eliminated altogether but Obama is saying that he doesn’t care what they think and they’ll have to live with it as is anyway. That’s how bullies behave.

He’s behaving like a bully in other ways too.

By forcing a government shutdown and making the shutdown as painful as he possibly can he is trying to bully the Republicans who are fighting against Obamacare into submission.

By trying to shift blame for the shutdown onto the Republicans he is trying to bully them into submission.

By continually speaking about the dire consequences of the shutdown he is trying to bully them into submission.

By continually trying to frighten and terrorize the American people he is trying to bully them into submission.

In the meantime, the Republicans are standing tall and refusing to bend to the enormous pressure that they are being placed under by Obama and the Democrats.

Let’s hope they continue to stand tall. By trying to rein in a rogue President and prevent him from from inflicting enormous damage on the country they are acting in the best interests of America and Americans and in the finest tradition of the American system of checks and balances. They are in fact doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing, whereas Obama most certainly is not.

In the American political system Presidents are supposed to negotiate with their fellow politicians, have always negotiated with their fellow politicians. That’s the way the system is supposed to work and that’s the way it has always worked. By refusing to negotiate Obama isn’t acting like a President at all…he’s acting like a dictator. His refusal to negotiate about Obamacare isn’t just happening now either. He has refused to negotiate about it from the very beginning, which is one of the reasons its such a colossal mess.

The Republicans should keep in mind that they are on very firm legal, ethical and historical ground and that they really are acting in the best interests of America and Americans, who in the end will thank them for it.

The Republicans should also keep in mind that the longer this travesty goes on the more Obama exposes himself for the hollow shell he is and the more Americans will become fed up with his attitude and behavior. That is already beginning to happen as poll after poll indicates that his popularity is sinking like a stone and that his performance in office leaves a great deal to be desired.

The Republicans should also keep in mind that Obama is a bully and that he will ultimately do what bullies always do when people stand up to them and don’t back down.

Cave in.

Its just too bad that he’s putting us all through this misery until he does.

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