Obama thumbs his nose and says don’t even ask, Re: Boehner to Obama: No debt hike without concessions, Syracuse Post-Standard, October 6, 2013

The debt ceiling of the United States government must be raised by October 17 or else the government will lose the ability to borrow money and will no longer be able to meet its financial obligations, which would be both catastrophic and unprecedented in the history of the country.

The U.S. Congress has to approve any increase in the debt ceiling and might not be able to do so in time because Democrats and Republicans in Congress are at loggerheads about what is up for approval and what should be voted on. President Obama and the Democrats are refusing to make any concessions at all, financial or otherwise, in their position and Republicans are refusing to allow a vote on the matter unless they do, particularly regarding Obamacare, Obama’s Affordable Care Act which is proving to be anything but affordable for both Americans and America itself.

President Obama and the Democrats are blaming and attacking the Republicans but it is blindingly obvious that the fault lies with them because the Republicans have made it perfectly clear that they are more than willing to sit down and negotiate whereas Obama and the Democrats have made it perfectly clear that they are unwilling to negotiate anything…theirs is the classic “all or nothing”, “take it or leave it”, “my way or the highway” position and they are clinging to it regardless of the consequences to the country. Their obstinate stance is causing a great deal of hardship and is hurting the country in all manner of ways but they are refusing to bend at all. They say they are taking the high road but they most certainly aren’t. Among many many other things for example they are vilifying the Republicans for demanding that conditions be set for approving an increase in the debt ceiling even though they themselves have done so 21 times since 1979, far far more than the Republicans have in the same period of time.

Talk about hypocrisy. Talk about misleading the American people.

Obama and the Democrats are acting like spoiled, vindictive little children who will do anything to get their way and damn the costs. They have led the United States to the brink of rack and ruin and will lead it over the edge unless they are stopped…the country simply cannot afford to allow them to keep on with their profligate spending, cannot afford to let them keep on carrying out their failed tax and spend ideology. All the Republicans are trying to do is curb President Obama and the Democrats profligate spending, cut costs, maintain or lower taxes not increase them and resurrect America’s abysmal economy, which Obama and the Democrats are virtually entirely responsible for in the first place by the way. That is exactly what they should be doing, that is well in keeping with America’s system of checks and balances. Obama on the other hand isn’t acting like a President at all…a President compromises, a President negotiates, a President convinces, a President cajoles, a President doesn’t use blunt force to get his way…Obama’s not being Presidential, he’s being dictatorial…he’s thumbing his nose and saying “don’t even ask”.

If you think things are bad now, wait and see what happens if he wins, wait and see what happens if the Republicans back down. If you think Americas in trouble now…if the Republicans back down…well, you ain’t seen nothing yet as they say.

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