To everyone else too, Re: MI5 chief Andrew Parker warns of Islamist threat to UK, BBC News, October 9, 2013

Andrew Parker, the Director-General of MI5 ( the British Security Service) has warned the British public that there are thousands of Islamists in Britain that see it as a legitimate target for attacks.

This is stating the obvious and should come as no surprise to anyone. The British public has long been victimized by large and small scale attacks by Islamists, ranging in size and scope from the July 2005 bombings on the public transportation system in London which killed fifty two people and wounded over 700 more to car bombs to attacking and beheading military personnel in broad daylight to attacking and intimidating ordinary citizens as they go about their business. Britain is no stranger to large and small scale violence perpetrated by Islamists acting in the name of Islam and it is a phenomenon which is becoming more and more widespread as Islamists extend their reach and Islam becomes more and more prominent in the life of the country and the lives of ordinary citizens.

Parker should be congratulated for being forthright and speaking out the way he did. Islamists and Islam not only threaten the British public, they threaten the very existence of the country itself as a free, democratic, secular, pluralistic nation. From no go zones to censorship to accommodation of all sorts to Islam taking over the landscape to the crushing of dissent to halal becoming predominant to the Burka becoming commonplace to Sharia courts and so on and so forth the nature and fabric of Britain is being changed and British values, freedoms and the British way of life are evaporating before our eyes. If people don’t speak out and take back their country from Islam and Islamists they will soon find themselves living in an Islamic state governed by Islamic law and Britain as we know it will be a thing of the past.

Even though Parker did nothing more than state the obvious Islamists and their apologists will call for his head and try to get him to retract his statement…they will label him racist and Islamophobic and call for his resignation. There may even be demonstrations and protests. Or riots. Such is the state of modern day Britain. When any of that happens it is up to all of us to support and defend him to the hilt.

In the name of freedom.

In the name of Britain.

In the name of the free world, because make no mistake the whole free world is under attack by Islamists and Islam and there isn’t a country in the free world that hasn’t been infected by their poison, that couldn’t topple and become an Islamic state governed by Islamic law if its citizens aren’t vigilant.

That includes Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, the Scandinavian countries, Spain, the United States, every single one.

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