Palestinian liars don’t want peace, Re: How Palestinian Hate Prevents Peace, International New York Times, October 15, 2013

Palestinians who say they want peace with Israel are lying. Palestinians don’t want peace with Israel. They don’t want Israel at all. They are consumed by hatred and disgust for Israel and Israelis and all they really want is to destroy Israel and wipe it off the map, to remove it from the face of the earth. An honest, objective look at present day reality and the historical record, the real historical record not the false, phony Palestinian narrative, can lead to no other conclusion. In fact, anyone who looks at present day reality and the real historical record honestly and objectively and who still believes that the Palestinians want peace with Israel can only be described as blind as a bat, as an apologist (unwitting or otherwise), as a fool of the first order.

How do I know? Violence, incitement and Islam, that’s how I know.

From day one of Israels existence, actually from long before day one, Palestinians have committed horrific, bloody, murderous small and large scale violent attacks against Israel and Israelis, including civilians, including men, women and children, including the aged and infirm. The litany of terrorist attacks is endless and terrorist attacks and the threat of terrorist attacks are things that have been a fact of life Israelis have had to live with from the very beginning…it is a fact of life they have to live with today. Horrific, bloody, murderous small and large scale Palestinian violence against Israel and Israelis is unremitting, ongoing and unchanging, has always been a constant factor for Israel and Israelis and is a factor today as well.

Palestinian hatred and disgust for Israel and Israelis isn’t only expressed by the sword.

It is also expressed by the word, on television, on radio, in newspapers, books, magazines and websites, throughout Palestinian society. Palestinian hatred and disgust for Israel and Israelis is ubiquitous and ever present. Everyday Palestinians of all ages, including children, especially children, are bombarded with messages telling them that Israelis are vile, ugly, monstrous and horrible, that Israel has no right to exist, that Israelis have no historical connection to Israel, that all their problems would disappear if Israel ceased to exist, that they must do everything they can to get rid of Israel and Israelis and take over the land Israel sits on and that anything they do, no matter how savage, barbaric and inhuman, is legitimate. Everyday day Palestinians who have committed savage, barbaric, inhuman acts against Israel and Israelis are glorified, idolized, rewarded and made out to be heroes. Everyday Palestinian children are fed a diet of hate, fed a packet of lies and brainwashed. Incitement occurs everyday and everywhere and there simply is no escape from it.

All of which is rooted in Islam, all of which comes from Islam, all of which is sanctioned, legitimized and mandated by Islam. Palestinian society is Islamic and Palestinian hatred, disgust and behavior towards Israel and Israelis comes straight from Islam, comes straight from the Koran.

Palestinians want peace with Israel do they?

Like hell they do.

The proof is in the pudding.

Palestinians want peace with Israel do they?

What a great big fat humongous lie that is.

You know who prevents peace?

You know who is entirely responsible for the whole sorry state of affairs?

You know who is entirely responsible for their misery and backwardness?

Palestinians, that’s who.

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