Short term gain for long term pain, Re: A rising torrent of debt and destruction, Washington Times, October 17, 2013

President Barack Hussein Obama won his fight with Republicans when the United States Congress voted yesterday to extend and increase the governments borrowing authority. The vote came just before the borrowing authority was due to come to an end, which would have put the U.S. on the brink of defaulting on its financial obligations, which in turn would have led to a major financial crisis in America and around the world. Republicans wanted to enact measures to begin to bring America’s horrendous financial situation under control, measures that Obama and the Democrats were dead against. Obama and the Democrats refused to negotiate or make any concessions at all, won the vote when Republicans caved in at the last minute and now have carte blanche to carry on with their disastrous policies and performance, which have brought the United States to financial rack and ruin and brought individual Americans nothing but uncertainty, grief and heartache.

Carte blanche until early in the new year that is. The vote only authorized government funding until January 15 and extending its borrowing authority to February 7, which means that unless the Republicans give up entirely and consign the country to financial armageddon or unless Obama and the Democrats show a newfound willingness to negotiate in good faith and make some concessions to financial reality the whole bitter battle starts over again in very short order.

Talk about short term gain for long term pain. A major financial crisis may have been averted in the short term but the vote did nothing to solve America’s financial problems in the long term at all. If anything it exacerbated them by allowing Obama and the Democrats to continue with their profligate spending and increase the country’s deficit and debt exponentially to even more astronomical and unsustainable figures and by putting off yet again any substantial discussions or means to bring financial sanity to the U.S.

There’s an old saying that goes ‘If something is destined to collapse it will collapse’.

The United States cannot sustain its deficit and debt load much longer,

The U.S. economy is destined to collapse and will collapse unless serious measures are taken soon to prevent a collapse from happening.

Its up to the Republicans to save the economy (and the country) because Obama and the Democrats are demonstrably incapable of doing so and will soon send America and Americans over the financial cliff unless they are stopped. The parlous state of the economy is all their fault in the first place and all they will do is make things worse, not better.

Maybe next time around the Republicans will maintain the courage of their convictions and fight a much better fight.

They’ll need to if they’re going to win because the chances of Obama and the Democrats negotiating in good faith or making concessions to financial realities unless they are forced to are zero.

Maybe next time around the outcome will be different.

Obama and the Democrats won this time around but America and Americans sure lost.

It was short term gain for long term pain alright.

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