Hey Iran, are you listening?, Re: Reports: Syrian air base destroyed in missile attack from sea, Tundra Tabloids, October 31, 2013

A Syrian Air Force base was destroyed yesterday by missiles which were launched from the nearby sea.


Israeli media have reported that the target of the attack was a surface to air missile battery and a command center that could have been used to attack Israel, that could have cost Israeli lives and/or destroyed Israeli homes, buildings and infrastructure. Destroying the missile battery and command center was well in keeping with Israel’s policy and practice of preemptive strikes designed to keep weapons out of the hands of her enemies, weapons which would be used to sow terror, shed Israeli blood and murder Israelis.

Like I said…good.

Keeping Israelis safe and preserving the integrity of the state is the job of the Israeli military and if it has to launch preemptive strikes to do so so be it. The strikes of course would not be necessary if Israels Islamic neighbors would let her live in peace, but since they won’t and are bent on her destruction Israel is absolutely justified in carrying them out, just as she is absolutely justified in carrying out all the other activities she does to protect herself from the murderous, hate-filled, barbaric, atavistic Islamists that surround her, just as she would be absolutely justified in carrying out a preemptive attack on Iran to prevent the Iranians from developing and operationalizing nuclear weapons and using them against her in a bid to wipe her off the map, to remove her from the face of the earth, which they would most certainly try to do at the earliest possible opportunity.

Although they haven’t claimed responsibility there is no doubt in my mind that Israelis were responsible for the preemptive attack on the missile battery and command center. Good on them, as the Australians or British might say. What the hell else were they supposed to do…lie back and let their enemies attack them with impunity, lie back and let their enemies rain death and destruction on them, lie back and enjoy being bombed?

Like I said…good on them.

Hey Iran, are you listening?

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