Middle East musings on a sunny Sunday in November

Re: Netanyahu: Palestinian denial of Jews right to statehood is core of conflict, Jerusalem Post, November 3, 2013

Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel is wrong.

The core of the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians is Islam.

Islam with its inbred, visceral, all consuming hatred of Jews and its mandate to murder them and remove Judaism from the face of the earth.

It is true that the conflict will never be resolved until Palestinians accept Israels legitimacy and her right to exist as a Jewish state.

It is also true that that will never happen as long as as Palestinians subscribe to Islam, are ruled by Islam

Islam is the core of the conflict.

You can look it up.

Read the Koran, learn about Islam and its history and reality honestly, objectively and factually (and not from an Islamic person either) and connect the dots.


Re: Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Committed To ‘Death To America’, Atlas Shrugs, November 3, 2013

Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards just announced that “Death to America” will remain their slogan and that it will be shouted nationwide at demonstrations on November 4 to mark and celebrate the 34 anniversary of the seizure of the American embassy in Tehran during which 52 U.S. diplomats were captured and held hostage for 444 days and the embassy was destroyed.

“Death to America is the manifestation of our nation’s determination and resistance against the dominance of oppressive and untrustworthy America” the Guards said on their official website.

America is the Great Satan as far as the Iranians are concerned and Iranians want to destroy America just as much as they want to destroy Israel, the Little Satan, which is of course why they want to develop and possess nuclear weapons.

To use them.

Against Israel and America.

There are several salient words to describe America’s failed efforts to keep Iran from developing and possessing nuclear weapons.

Among them are stupid, useless, pointless, ignorant, blind, hopelessly naive, enabling, disingenuous, doomed to failure from the beginning and suicidal.

The Iranians are manipulating President Barack Hussein Obama and the Americans like a fiddle and unless the Israelis destroy Iran’s nuclear weapons development program America and the world will wake up soon to a nuclear Iran, with all the attendant consequences.

You know, blackmail, destruction, bloodshed, death on a massive scale.

You know, nuclear war.

America is the Great Satan alright.

Americans, including President Barack Hussein Obama, especially President Barack Hussein Obama, are also Great Suckers too.

Or maybe President Barack Hussein Obama is allowing it to happen on purpose.

Which is entirely possible, all things considered.

Re: Kerry Tries to Reassure Arab Allies, Wall Street Journal, November 3, 2013

Reassure them of what?

That America will defend them?

That America will come to their aid if they are attacked?

By say Iran?

That America will not interfere in their internal affairs?

That America will not attempt to impose its will on them?

Like in Egypt.

Like in Syria.

Etc. etc.

Secretary of State Kerry won’t be able to reassure them.

America under President Barack Hussein Obama is weak and duplicitous and incapable of making hard decisions and taking hard action. Especially quickly. The Arabs know it and have no reason to believe Kerry, have no reason to trust America.

In fact, they have every reason not to believe him, not to trust the United States, not to put their faith in Barack Hussein Obama.

“Iran will not get a nuclear weapon,” Kerry said. “That is a promise by the president of the United States.”

Arabs, like everyone else, know just how much Obama’s promises are worth.

Which is why Kerry won’t be able to reassure them.

Of anything.

Well, that’s enough for one day.

I’m off to watch a football game.

Back tomorrow or the next day.

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