France saves West’s bacon, for now anyway, Re: Talks on Iran’s nuclear programme collapse at the eleventh hour after France says it will not be forced into a ‘sucker’s deal’, Daily Mail, November 10, 2013

A deal between the P5+1 (Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia and the United States) which would have enabled Iran to continue its quest to develop, possess and use nuclear weapons was scuttled yesterday when France decided not to play along with Iran’s fraud and deception and the West’s (led by the United States) blindness, stupidity and and hopeless entirely unrealistic optimism…when France decided not to sign on.

The Iranians were trying to sucker the West (led by the United States) into signing a deal which would have led to Iran becoming a nuclear power in very short order (which would have catastrophic consequences for the West, including the United States) but the French recognized and understood that they were being played for fools and suckers and had the courage and foresight to reject a deal that would have been a catastrophe for all concerned, not just them.

There will be further negotiations between the P5+1 beginning in Geneva on November 20 but for now anyway France has saved the West’s bacon. There will be intense pressure (led by the United States) to reach an agreement with Iran but since any agreement will not definitively end its ability to develop, possess and use nuclear weapons and will allow the Iranians to stay on their current path perhaps cooler, saner, more realistic heads will prevail…perhaps others will follow the example of the French and refuse to accept a deal that would be palpably and demonstrably disastrous for the West, the Middle East and the World, no matter what the Iranians might say, no matter what U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and other fools and suckers might say. The P5+1 (led by the United States) may yet capitulate but for now we can all breathe a little easier.

Merci beaucoup.

We shouldn’t take our foot off the throttle though, not even for a minute. Nuclear weapons have to be kept out the Iranian’s hands at all costs and we have to make sure that that happens or the price we will all pay will be almost beyond comprehension. Despite this latest development we may yet well have to pay a terrible price to do it ( attacking and destroying Iran’s nuclear facilities as the only means of keeping her from developing, possessing and using nuclear weapons) but that price will pale in comparison to the price we will pay if we allow her to become a nuclear power.

No matter what Obama, Kerry and the other enablers say.

Fools all.

Suckers all.

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