Smart, realistic people those Tahitians, Re: The People Of Tahiti Rise Up And Say No To Islam: No To Mosques, Get Out Of Our Country……!, Tundra Tabloids, November 12, 2013

A huge rally was held in Tahiti last weekend to protest against encroaching Islam and the building of a mosque in the south pacific paradise. The people of Tahiti want nothing to do with Islam and what it will bring to their country and made their feelings known in no uncertain terms. Islam and mosques are not welcome in Tahiti and Tahitians have expressed themselves clearly and unanimously.

So what would Islam bring to Tahiti?

Subjugation, conflict, misogyny, misery, cruelty, violence, bloodshed, savagery, ethnic cleansing, apartheid, hatred, death…all of the things that are intrinsic to its very essence and all of the things that it has brought everywhere it has gone for as long as it has existed, all of the things it brings everywhere it goes today.

Tahitians want no part of it and rightly so.

Why on earth would they want any part of it?

Islam would transform them from free people into slaves…it would force them all to live under Sharia, Islamic law, and would destroy their history, culture and way of life. It would take all the music,joy, spontaneity and freedom out of their lives and force them to live as narrow, unthinking Islamic automatons. It would drag them back to the sixth century from whence Islam sprang and where it still lives today and out of the twenty first century where they live.

Why would they indeed?

They don’t, and have told the world unequivocally and unambiguously that they don’t.

Smart, realistic people those Tahitians.

Would that others who find themselves threatened by Islam were as smart and realistic as they are.

Tahitians have looked around and said no.

So should you.



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