Barack Hussein Obama’s resignation…what a wonderful Christmas present that would be, Re: A Failed Presidency, Commentary Magazine, November 20, 2013

Barack Hussein Obama has failed as President of the United States.

He has failed domestically.

He has failed internationally.

America and Americans are worse off in every way than they were when he took office.

Economically, socially, in all areas and in all things his performance as President has been an unmitigated failure at home and around the world.

He has failed America and Americans in the past, is failing them at present and is failing future generations as well. He is jeopardizing the very future of the country everyday through his sheer incompetence. Even if he leaves office today America and Americans will be paying the bill for his folly for generations to come.

There is no hope whatsoever that anything will change for the better as time goes by either. All things considered that is not possible. Everything will only get worse as long as he remains in office, will continue to deteriorate until he leaves.

Obama is untrustworthy as well as incompetent. The list of lies and distortions he has told the American people goes on and on and no one can believe a word he says about anything…he is a serial liar and simply cannot be trusted by anyone about anything.

Harsh words but true, every single one of them.

A great number of Americans know it too and more and more of them are coming to realize it every day.

Obama says he loves America.

Christmas is fast approaching.

Christmas is the time of giving.

Resigning is the greatest Christmas present Obama could possibly give the American people.

That is exactly what he’ll do if he cares about them at all, if he cares about America at all.

If he doesn’t though Americans should launch a nationwide campaign to force his resignation and should keep it up until it succeeds, for their sake, for their children and grandchildren’s sake and for the sake of their country.

And the free world as well for that matter.

Hell, if Richard Nixon could resign so can Barack Hussein Obama.

Barack Hussein Obama’s resignation…what a wonderful Christmas present that would be.

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