Americans will have to rid themselves of Obama on their own, Re: The Grounds for Impeachment, Atlas Shrugs, November 24, 2013

Yes, there are grounds to impeach President Barack Hussein Obama.

Yes, he has committed impeachable offences, lots of them.

Yes, they are clear and indisputable.

Yes, Obama deserves to be impeached, for any number of reasons.

No, he is not going to be impeached, not because he doesn’t deserve to be but because the Congress of the United States has neither the sense or the will or the courage to launch impeachment proceedings.

Impeachment is simply not going to happen because Congress isn’t going to make it happen and it would be folly to think that it will.

Nor is Obama going to be taken to court and charged for various criminal offences he has committed, fraud and sedition for example.

Therefore, if the American people are truly interested in removing him from office because he’s done (and is doing) such a lousy job in all areas or because he abuses his power regularly and frequently or because he continually lies through his teeth to them and is entirely untrustworthy and treats them with contempt and derision or because he is eviscerating America’s values and institutions and laws and rapidly destroying the fabric and future of the nation (or all of the above) they will have to rise up and force him out of office themselves…they will have to rise up and force him to resign. No one else will get him out of office for them, they’ll have to do it for themselves.

And make no mistake, resign he will if he is ridiculed enough, if he is vilified enough, if he is attacked enough.

My fellow Americans, take a close look at the man himself…take a close look at what he’s done and is doing to our lives and our country and our future…now rise up and force him out of office…now rise up and force him to resign.

It can be done and it must be done.

While its still possible.

While there’s still time.

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