Two Things Israelis Must Never Forget, Re: Jihadists Flock to Israel’s Borders, FrontPage Magazine, January 2, 2014

There are two things Israelis must never forget because if they forget them their country will be destroyed and they will die along with it.

The first is that if they compromise anymore with Palestinians they will lose and if they lose they’re finished and the second is that the good guys with guns (i.e. the Israeli military) are the only thing standing between them and the bad guys with guns (i.e. Islamists of all stripes, including Palestinians).

Israelis have done nothing but compromise and give things up for generations in a vain effort to secure a lasting peace with Palestinians. Israel has done everything it possibly could over the years to secure a lasting peace with Palestinians, to no avail.

Despite all the compromises and concessions Israel has made over the years Palestinians still refuse to recognize and accept Israel’s right to exist, continue to shed Israeli blood through terrorist attacks (and then celebrate them and their perpetrators), continue to spread vile, hateful, disgusting anti-Semitic, anti-Israeli bilge throughout their society and continue to do everything they can to wipe Israel off the map, to remove it from the face of the earth.

Despite all the compromises and concessions Israelis have made to Palestinians their national security is more precarious than ever, in large part because Palestinians have no interest whatsoever in being neighbors with a viable Jewish state, have no interest whatsoever in having a viable Jewish state in their neighborhood, have no interest whatsoever in living in peace and security with Israel…because all Palestinians are interested in doing is getting rid of Israel, not living in harmony with it. This is the way it is now and this is the way its always been.

That’s a lesson which has been made abundantly clear time and time again since Israel came into existence in 1948. Compromises and concessions are pointless, are fruitless. All they have done so far, all they will ever do, is lead to more terrorism, destruction, bloodshed, destruction and death in Israel, not less…all more compromises and concessions will do is hasten the demise of the Jewish state, not enhance its security or anything else.

United States Secretary of State John Kerry is currently in Israel trying to bully the Israelis into making more compromises and concessions to Palestinians because he thinks that is the only way to bring about peace between the two. He’s an ignoramus who is dead wrong and Israelis should flat out refuse to make any more compromises and concessions because they will be the death of them if they do. Kerry and his fellow ignoramus President Barack Hussein Obama want Israel to effectively compromise itself out of existence and Israel has to say no to their demands if it wants to survive.

That’s one lesson of history.

The other is that the Israeli military is the only thing standing between Israel and oblivion. The minute the Israeli military becomes unable to defend and protect the country is the minute Israel ceases to exist…the minute the Israeli military becomes unable to deter Israels enemies from launching full-scale, all-out attacks against the country is the minute they will, successfully…the minute the Israeli military loses the ability to inflict overwhelming damage on its enemies is the minute Israel dies…the minute the Israeli military becomes weaker than its enemies is the minute the country is destroyed. Kerry and Obama are trying to take away Israels ability to defend and protect itself and deter its enemies and their efforts must be resisted at all costs. A weak, or weaker, Israel is a dead Israel, period. Kerry and Obama might not recognize or understand that but Israelis certainly should.

Certainly must.

History tells them so and history never lies.

Not honest, objective, factual history anyway.

As opposed to the Palestinian kind.

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