Comments on a cold winter day, January 22, 2014

Re: Letter to The Editor, Toronto Globe & Mail, this date

The following letter appeared in today’s edition of the newspaper.

“Our Prime Minister is a hero. In a world of appeasement, double standards, moral relativism and anti-Semitism, he stood up and called it like it is.”

The author is talking about Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada and is referring to remarks Harper made in support of Israel during the trip he just made there.

The author could have added the terms historical revisionism and religious fanaticism and unrepentant violence and blind, visceral hatred of the West to appeasement, double standards, moral relativism and anti-Semitism and wouldn’t have been off the mark in doing so at all.

The author is right. Harper is a hero and a man of strength and principle. Calling a spade a spade takes guts and that’s exactly what he’s done.

Palestinians and their Arab brethren are preventing peace and have always prevented it. That’s the plain truth of the matter. Israelis aren’t to blame for the fact that the Palestinians are mired in ignorance, poverty and war. The blame lies with them and their Arab brethren, no one else, and nothing will change until they do.

Re: Letter to The Editor, National Post, this date

The following letter appeared in today’s edition of the newspaper.

“The race card is part of the United States’ deck of cards (and it probably always will be). If anyone has the right to play that particular card, it is the current President of the United States.”

President Obama recently blamed his unprecedented unpopularity on the fact that he is black. That is what’s meant when its said he played the race card.

Obama is dead wrong. He isn’t unpopular because he’s black, he’s unpopular because he’s a lousy President. The fact that he’s black has nothing to do with the way Americans think of him.

America and Americans have become worse off in every possible way since he became President. Along the way he has consistently run roughshod over the law, lied through his teeth, abdicated his responsibilities, denigrated Americans and the country itself and turned the Presidency into a virtual fiefdom. He has been a lousy President by any measure…he has been untrustworthy by any measure…he has treated America and Americans with nothing but contempt and derision since he took office…he has jeopardized the future of the country and everyone in it…he has weakened and diminished America on the world stage…he has become a laughingstock and made America into a laughingstock..he has filled his government with Islamists and ideologues who want nothing more than to destroy the country…all of that and much, much more. The list of his transgressions and failures is endless. No one believes or trusts him any more, no one has any faith in him or in anything he says any more. Its not because he’s black…its because of his track record…its because he’s a lousy President and has clearly failed on every level.

Re: American Blood on Iranian Hands, FrontPage Magazine, January 22, 2014

There is no doubt whatsoever that Iran is a state sponsor of terror around the world, that it has been a state sponsor of terror around the world for many years, that it has sponsored and committed many, many terrorist acts against the United States over the years, including many in the U.S. itself, that it is doing so as this is being written and that it is directly responsible for thousands of American deaths and the shedding of rivers of American blood.

There is also no doubt whatsoever that Iran views America as the Great Satan, that it hates and reviles and is disgusted by the American way of life and by everything America stands for and has always stood for, that it views America as its mortal enemy and that it considers America as the major impediment to its goal of making Islam supreme throughout the world, as an impediment which must be conquered and removed.

There is also no doubt whatsoever that Iran is on the cusp of becoming a nuclear power, that the United States has failed utterly in its efforts to keep nuclear weapons out of the Iranian’s hands, that President Obama’s policy of appeasement and feckless “leadership” has in fact aided and abetted Iran’s efforts to develop and possess nuclear weapons and that Iran will use those weapons against the United States as soon as it is possible to do so, which is very soon indeed.

Unless of course the Israelis stop it from happening. No one else will, that’s for sure.

Thousands of American deaths and rivers of American blood are on Iran’s hands alright.

On President Obama’s too.

And if Iran does become a nuclear power…well, you ain’t seen nothing yet, as the saying goes.

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