Ideas anyone?, Re: The Sick Middle East, National Post, January 28, 2014

Canada’s National Post newspaper published an article by the estimable Daniel Pipes the other day entitled The Sick Middle East. The article is a litany of past, present and future narratives, attitudes and behaviors which plague the region and the world beyond as well. The gist of the article is that the Middle East is the “Sick Man of the World”, that its narratives, attitudes and behaviors are intractable, ancient, deep-rooted and basically manmade, that it has always been thus more or less and that transportation of its narratives, attitudes and behaviors threaten to overwhelm and destroy the West, Canada included. With the exception of Israel, the Middle East is very sick indeed and has been for a very long time…transportation of that sickness to the West, which has been going on for quite some time now throughout the West, including Canada, could very well spell its demise.

Rather than recite the litany of narratives, attitudes and behaviors Pipes wrote about I would simply refer readers to the article and ask them to read it themselves. It is short and concise and won’t take much time to read at all. It is excellent, accurate and frightening and well worth reading, digesting and acting upon.

I do have one major objection however.

Pipes fails to offer any ideas as to how the outside world, including Canada, can protect itself from threats emanating from the Middle East, especially Islam and Islamization.

Pipes writes “the outside world is best advised not to expend blood and treasure to redeem the Middle East-a hopeless task-but on protecting itself from the region’s manifold threats,”.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t explain how that might be done.

Here are two thoughts.

Islam is on the march throughout the West and it is easy to make the case that the Islamization of Western countries is the biggest single threat there is to their existence as free, democratic, secular, pluralist nations. The Islamization of the West is well and truly underway and unless it is stopped and reversed Western countries will turn into Islamic states governed by Sharia, Islamic law. It’s already in effect in many places and is spreading as we speak. Westerners, including Canadians, can help turn the tide by speaking out and rejecting any attempt to accommodate Islamic practices in their communities at the expense of Western values, beliefs, institutions, laws (including by-laws) and practices and by insisting that existing Islamic activities which contravene the law (including by-laws) cease and desist immediately and their perpetrators be prosecuted and held accountable.

Those are just two things that can be done. There are of course many many other things that can be done as well.

So, if you’re a Westerner, Canadians included, read, think and act.

Thats read, think and act.

Within the law of course.

Western law, not Islamic law.

While you still can.

Ideas anyone?

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