Are Americans mice or men?, Re: Americans Are Losing Their Freedom, Warning Signs, February 1, 2014

Americans have been steadily losing their freedom under President Obama and it will soon be lost entirely unless they take serious action to regain and retain it. Freedom in America has been seriously eroded since Obama became President and it continues to erode day by day as Obama and his minions and fellow travellers strip away civil liberties and the freedoms which are the essence of America.

Bizarre and unbelievable as that seems it is precisely what has been going on in the United States since Obama took office. Americans are nowhere near as free as they were when Obama took over the White House and they are becoming less and less free with each passing day. Unless they remedy the situation now the country will be even more unrecognizable than it is today by the time he leaves office in 2016.

If he leaves office in 2016. Obama has taken so much power and authority unto himself and the government that he could very well decide not to and get away with it as the situation stands today. That’s not beyond the realm of possibility at all.

None of this is new to Americans. They know perfectly well that their government is intruding in every area of their lives, that the government is controlling every area of their lives…they know perfectly well that the government is spying on them and knows everything about them…they know perfectly well that Obama is a serial liar and has lied to them so often that they now expect it of him, that they can’t trust him or believe a word he says about anything…they know perfectly well that Obama has been running roughshod over the law and the Constitution and that he has been acting like a dictator instead of a President…they know perfectly well that he has ignored the boundaries of his office and acted unilaterally and by fiat…they know perfectly well that Obama is making a mockery of their values and beliefs and institutions, of American values and beliefs and institutions…they know perfectly well that many of their freedoms have been diminished or have effectively disappeared, that in many ways they are no longer a free people living in a free country…they know perfectly well that the country is more vulnerable than it has been in living memory, that their safety and security and future and the safety, security and the future of the country have been severely compromised by Obama…they know perfectly well that Obama has a big government, socialist, anti-American agenda and that he is bound and determined to implement it no matter what they think…they know perfectly well that Obama’s government has been infiltrated by Islamists at all levels, Islamists who believe in anything but freedom and democracy…and on and on…perhaps most telling of all, they know perfectly well that the full wrath of the government could easily come down on their heads as it has on so many others if they stand up and speak out against Obama and the government’s idiocy and ideology, that they have every reason to fear Obama and the government if they stand against them, hell, even if they don’t stand against them.

No, none of this is new to Americans, none of this is in dispute to many of them…most of them.

What will they do about it, how will the situation play out?

No one really knows.

One thing is certain though. If American freedom is to survive Americans have to rise up and drive Obama from office and his minions and fellow travellers from government.


By any legal means necessary of course.

Are Americans mice or men?

That’s the real question.

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