Push, probe, prod, prep, pow…that’s the formula, that’s the process, Re: Iran Says Warships Headed Close To US Borders, Associated Press, February 9, 2014

Warships from Iran are approaching United States maritime borders and can be expected to reach them soon, if they haven’t already. Upon arrival they will be in clear striking distance of much of the population of the U.S. On top of that, Iranian Rear Admiral Ali Fadawi, Commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps, has just threatened to sink any American naval vessels that may respond. That sentiment and others like it has been echoed by various other Iranian Admirals, Commanders and leaders, including Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

The move by Iran’s navy is bellicose, provocative and confrontational and is the latest in a long line of Iranian moves designed to test and assess President Obama’s mettle. The Iranians learned long ago that Obama has no mettle at all when it comes to keeping nuclear weapons out of their hands and that he will do nothing to prevent them from becoming a nuclear power. They are trying to find out what else they can get away with, which is really what this naval exercise on their part is all about. They are pushing, probing and prodding Obama to see just how far they can go, to see just how much mettle he has, to confirm their suspicions that he has none. Once they find out for sure, once they find out that Obama will not respond even if they sail their warships into New York or some such thing and that they really have nothing to fear from him no matter what they do they will make the necessary preparations and then pow, they will use their military to attack America and Americans in some way, shape or form, perhaps even in the American homeland itself…probably even in the American homeland itself. Iran sees the United States as its mortal enemy and as the Great Satan and this provocation is nothing more than the precursor of much more to come because Iran also sees President Obama as weak and feckless.

Rightfully so, all things considered.

Push, probe, prod, then prep, then pow…that’s the formula, that’s the process.

Americans better push Obama out of office as soon as they can because Iranian provocations will get more and more serious as long as he is President and sooner or later Iranian shells, Iranian bombs, will start falling on their heads. Since Iran is this close to becoming a nuclear power, once Iran develops and possesses nuclear weapons some of those bombs may even be nuclear ones.

Why not?

No reason at all.

Not while Obama is President anyway.

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