Others talk about it, Israel does it, Re: On Israeli Humanitarian Aid to Syrians, American Thinker, February 11, 2014

To date, over 130,000 people have been killed and over 2,000,000 people have been displaced in the civil war in Syria. More people are being killed and more people are being displaced every day. The civil war has been bloody and cruel by any stretch of the imagination and has led to inordinate and incredible suffering. It shows no signs of abating and the bloodshed, cruelty, destruction, death and displacement can be expected to go on for some time.

The provision of human aid to the Syrian people by the international community has generally been tepid at best and has left a great deal to be desired. The suffering of the Syrian people has been exacerbated by the failure of the international community to provide the requisite amount of human aid and to insist and ensure that the Syrian people have access to it. Whatever the reasons…politics, corruption, lack of will, religion, history, the all consuming war, the magnitude of the need, whatever…the provision of human aid by the international community to the casualties of the civil war in Syria, to the Syrian people, has simply been inadequate.

One exception being Israel.

Among other things, Israel is providing medical treatment for Syrians within Israel itself. Israeli doctors, nurses and other medical personnel have been providing treatment in at least four civilian hospitals within Israel and in a military field hospital set up on the Israeli/Syrian border in the Golan Heights. The treatment includes complex, life-saving surgery and is provided to Syrian adults, children and fighters from both sides in the civil war absolutely free of charge with the costs being borne by the Israeli people.

For a small, besieged, isolated country like Israel which has suffered mightily at the hands of Syria over the years and is still very much imperilled by it this is a selfless, remarkable humanitarian gesture…a selfless, remarkable humanitarian effort. It is a very typical one too because over the years Israel has provided an enormous amount of aid, medical treatment included, to its neighbors, Palestinians and other antagonists and enemies alike, and continues to do so as we speak.

Those are the facts on the ground and have always been the facts on the ground.

Not that Israels antagonists and enemies would recognize or appreciate or give credit to its ongoing humanitarian efforts though. All things considered, that would be expecting too much of them because their bigotry and bias and ignorance knows no bounds.

Their delusions know no bounds.

Others talk while Israel acts.

So what else is new?

Keeping with that thought by the way, the same applies to Iran’s nuclear weapons development program. The United States and the rest of the West may talk a good game about keeping Iran from becoming a nuclear power but in the end the country that will prevent Iran from developing, possessing and using nuclear weapons is Israel.

Israel won’t receive appreciation or credit for that either.

Not publicly anyway.

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