South Koreans nothing more than pawns, Re: Egypt: Jihad/martyrdom suicide bomber behind bus blast; victims were Korean Christians visiting holy sites, Jihad Watch, February 17, 2014

An Islamist suicide bomber blew himself up by a tourist bus on the Egyptian side of the border between Egypt and Israel the other day. The blast killed the Egyptian bus driver and three South Korean tourists. Many other tourists were injured as well. The tourists were all Christians and were members of a church group from South Korea on a tour of biblical sites in the area. Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis, an Islamist group linked to al-Qaeda, has taken responsibility and promised more attacks on Egypt’s tourism industry. 

Like all suicide bombings carried out under the rubric of Islam, it was nothing more than cold blooded murder by terrorists, Islamists, who have no way of convincing any sane, rational person of the rightness of their cause or the legitimacy or supremacy of their beliefs and resort to despicable, barbaric acts like this to instill fear into the hearts of their adversaries and everyone who doesn’t believe as they do and force them to submit to their twisted ideology. Human life has absolutely no value to them and they have to resort to acts like suicide bombings because no sane, rational person would submit to them or their beliefs or their ideology unless they were afraid of them. The tourists in this instance were merely innocent bystanders, in the wrong place at the wrong time…they were pawns and nothing else in the eyes of Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis, just as all victims of suicide bombers are pawns in the eyes of the Islamists who murder and maim them. 

Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis (and al-Qaeda) want to bring the Egyptian government to its knees and turn Egypt into a full-fledged Islamic state governed by Sharia, Islamic law, even though the Egyptian people have firmly rejected this. Destroying the Egyptian economy would go a long way toward helping them achieve their goal and destroying the Egyptian tourist industry would go a long way towards destroying the Egyptian economy. That’s really what the suicide bombing was all about…destroying the Egyptian tourist industry as a means of destroying the Egyptian economy in order to facilitate the foisting of Sharia on the Egyptian people and turning Egypt into a full-fledged Islamic state. It sent a message to potential tourists to Egypt from all over the world, not just from South Korea, which is exactly what it was designed to do, the message being stay away or you too may be murdered or maimed, you too may fall victim to a suicide bomber. 

Like I said, human life has no value to them, to Islamists, and the South Koreans were simply pawns, nothing more. 

If you don’t believe as they do your life has no value to them either and you’re also nothing more than a pawn. If you’re not an Islamist, a believer, that means that as far as they’re concerned you can be murdered or maimed with impunity too. 

No matter where you live.

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