God Save the Queen, Re: Hundreds of British jihadis returning from Syria spark terror alert after police and MI5 thwart Mumbai-style attack on London, Mail Online, February 19, 2014

A brief confession at the beginning. I am an anglophile from way back and have loved, admired and respected Britain and her people for as long as I can remember. I still do, even though mass immigration has changed the face of the country and the culture and filled it with people who take advantage of her generosity and have no loyalty, affection or commitment to her at all, people who in fact hate and revile everything she remains and everything she stands for and who would like nothing more than to destroy her. 

Like British jihadis. 

Like British Islamists. 

British jihadis, Islamists, have been returning in their hundreds from Syria after fighting to depose Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in order to establish a full-fledged Islamic government in the country…to establish Sharia as the law of the land and make Islam supreme there. 

They want to do the same in Britain…they want to establish a full-fledged Islamic government in Britain…to establish Sharia as the law of the land…to make Islam supreme in the U.K. They really only have one way of doing that…terrorizing the British into submission. That means that the British can expect many and varied terrorist acts to be committed by homegrown jihadis, Islamists, returning from Syria in the foreseeable future…that the British can expect a spate of bombings which maim and murder civilians in the foreseeable future, all designed to sow terror among the populace and get the Brits to submit to Sharia and Islam. They have no other alternative if they hope to establish Sharia and Islam in Britain and they know it, which is one of the two reasons they can carry out atrocities in the first place. 

The other reason is that they view British unbelievers as infidels and worthless and impediments to achieving their goal, which means they can carry out atrocities with impunity and not suffer any pangs of conscience or guilt. Why suffer pangs of conscience or guilt after all if the people you are maiming and murdering are infidels who are by definition worthless and whose suffering and deaths mean nothing anyway? 

No reason at all, especially since they act in the name of Islam, which justifies, legitimizes, mandates and supposedly rewards whatever they do in any case. 

The British security services have already foiled at least one major terrorist attack on their country by homegrown Islamists returning from Syria. They are superb services and will no doubt foil many more as well. Some are bound to succeed however because the homegrown jihadis, Islamists, enjoy widespread support in the Islamic community and no security service can completely prevent terrorist acts. Indeed, there have already been some successes and more will inevitably follow. The British are particularly vulnerable too…while homegrown jihadis, Islamists, are a serious problem throughout Europe and the West, the problem is especially acute in Britain for a wide variety of reasons, including their sheer numbers there and the inroads they have already made. 

Jihadis, Islamists, terrorizing populations and maiming and murdering unbelievers to establish Islam in a given territory. Its an old old story and is happening in Britain at this very moment. The Islamization of the U.K. really is well and truly underway and the British really better take serious, concrete measures to save themselves and their country or else all will be lost. That includes of course dealing with homegrown jihadis, Islamists, returning from Syria. 

God Save the Queen. 

For now at least.

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