Bye-bye Ukraine…Barack, Re: Ukraine Puts Troops on High Alert, Threatens War if Russia Takes Further Military Action, International New York Times, March 2, 2014

The United States has decided to abandon Ukraine.

That means that any time now there will be a full scale war between Ukraine and Russia.

The scenario is very simple and is unfolding before our eyes.

Russia will continue with the invasion its launched…Ukraine will fight back to maintain her territorial integrity and national sovereignty…she will lose a short, vicious war because her armed forces are no match for Russia’s…at the end she will be dragged back kicking and screaming into the Russian orbit and will find herself under Russian control…at the end she will no longer be a free, independent nation but will be a Russian vassal state instead, which is exactly what Russia wants and exactly why Russia invaded in the first place.

That and because Russia knew it would get away with it.

One thing and one thing only can persuade Russia to change its course.

Armed intervention by the United States.

Nothing else will get Russia to call off the invasion and leave Ukrainians alone. Anyone who thinks otherwise doesn’t understand Russia, doesn’t understand history, doesn’t understand geopolitics and doesn’t understand bullies.

All the threats, all the outrage, all the denunciation, all the gestures by President Obama and other Western leaders are utterly meaningless and won’t stop Russia from doing anything.

Only military might will and the only country with a military strong enough and capable enough to get Russia to back off is the United States.

Well guess what, the United States is not going to intervene militarily. It simply is not going to use its military to keep Russia from taking over Ukraine. Obama truly is an emperor with no clothes and Russia has absolutely nothing to fear from the United States. Russia has a free hand in Ukraine because the only country that can stop it from taking over, won’t.

President Obama is weak and won’t defend Ukraine and Russia knows this and is taking advantage of his weakness to conquer it. Russia took the measure of Obama, found him weak and lacking in strength and substance and decided to march.

That’s what it all boils down to.

Russia is not the only country that has taken the measure of Obama and concluded that he is weak and lacking in strength and substance. America’s enemies, Russia included, all came to that conclusion years ago and have been taking advantage of him ever since. To say that his weakness and lack of strength and substance has placed and is placing America and America’s safety and national security in jeopardy is putting it mildly.

Americans haven’t seen anything yet though. They have a President with no brains or cojones and their enemies are going to make them pay a terrible price for putting him in office…for keeping him in office.

Bye-bye Ukraine.


Oh, and here’s a message from me to all of America’s friends and allies around the world.

You’re on your own.

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