Welcome Aboard Canada, Re: Rights Watchdog Gives ‘Worst Of The Worst’ A Pass, National Post, October 16, 2009

So Gay McDougall, the United Nations chief monitor of the way governments treat minorities, is in Canada to expose discrimination and abuse in the country, discrimination and abuse there being far more endemic and serious than in places like China, Cuba, Russia, Burma, Zimbabwe, any country in theĀ Islamic world and others too numerous to mention where she could have gone.

No doubt her report will be every bit as accurate, unbiased, objective, balanced, valid and legitimate as the Goldstone Report on the war in Gaza. Canadians who took the Goldstone Report seriously will have to take hers seriously as well. Protestations simply won’t do. After all, the U.N. couldn’t possibly be wrong or have ulterior motives could it?

If Canadians are angry, upset and mystified now wait until they see what she comes up with. They won’t recognize the place. The hatchet job she produces will be just like the hatchet job Goldstone produced. Fictional, delusional and highly political.

Welcome to the bizarre world of the United Nations Canada. Now Canadians can have some appreciation of how the Israelis and Americans feel and why they hold that esteemed institution in such high regard.

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