Why does Obama want to do it…who knows…who cares…he must be stopped, Re: Obama to Kill Tomahawk, Hellfire Missile Programs, Washington Free Beacon, March 25, 2014

President Obama is making it very tempting for America’s enemies, specifically China, Iran, North Korea and Russia to attack the United States in force because he is gutting the American military and rapidly making it impossible for the military to defend and protect the country…because the military may or may not have the might to deter an attack today and definitely will not have it tomorrow if Obama keeps on with his policy of emasculating it and effectively making it weaker and weaker and removing its ability to keep America and Americans safe from attack. And make no mistake, America’s military is becoming weaker and weaker day by day, while America’s enemies are becoming stronger and stronger day by day…America’s enemies are pouring money and resources into their armed forces and increasing their capabilities as we speak…under Obama America is stripping its military of resources and reducing its capability as we speak. That is a recipe for disaster and guarantees that the United States will be attacked in force in the future, and the not too distant future at that, perhaps even with nuclear weapons…what is tempting today will be a fait accompli tomorrow because by then the American military will have become so weak that no one will have anything to fear from it. Deterrent effect…what deterrent effect? 

In his latest nonsensical and dangerous move Obama is attempting to abolish two of the most effective, successful weapons systems in the military’s arsenal and replacing them with…nothing. He wants to get rid of the Tomahawk and Hellfire missile programs, both of which are cornerstones of American power, both of which are key elements in keeping America and Americans safe and secure and both of which are essential to whatever is left of America’s ability to deter its enemies. Militarily, getting rid of the Tomahawk and Hellfire missile programs makes absolutely no sense at all…all it really does is bring an attack on America and Americans that much closer. Getting rid of the Tomahawk and Hellfire missile programs would dramatically weaken the American military and it is weak enough already. 

So why does Obama want to do it? 

So why is Obama gutting the military and making it weaker and weaker with every passing moment? 

Speculating on that is a waste of time, time that America and Americans don’t have, time that the free world doesn’t have either because truth be told the free world cannot possibly survive without a strong, resolute America at its helm, because truth be told, if America dies the free world will die along with it. 

Obama may be doing these things because he’s delusional or stupid or ignorant or narcissistic or historically illiterate…he may be doing them on purpose because he wants to destroy the United States for religious, Islamic, or ideological, Marxist, reasons…he may be doing them because he’s an easily manipulated simpleton…there are any number of possible reasons. The point is though that he is doing these things and that he will keep on doing them unless he is stopped…unless he is stopped he will keep on doing them until America passes a point of no return and one or several of America’s enemies decide to attack in force because they think they can defeat America and take over the country…a point of no return which is rapidly approaching 

Americans should take heed of the old adage “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” 

In the world America lives in that is more true than ever. 

Under Obama, the bad guys are getting more and more and bigger and better guns and the good guys soon won’t be able to stop them even if they wanted to. 

Americans have to remove him from office and restore the military to its previous might 

If they want themselves and their country to survive that is. 

Time really is of the essence.


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