Goldstone’s Goof, Re: Just what did Goldstone expect?, Jerusalem Post, October 19, 2009

Richard Goldstone has condemned the United Nations Human Rights Council for endorsing his report on the war in Gaza without mentioning his findings on war crimes committed by Hamas. Goldstone said he was “saddened” by the resolution to endorse the report and that it included only allegations against Israel. He also said earlier that “If this was a Court of Law, there would have been nothing proven.” The report severely criticized Israel and Hamas but only Israel was spoken about in the resolution.

That kind of duplicity is just the beginning. Goldstone may be saddened but he shouldn’t be surprised. What else did he expect given the nature, make-up and history of the UNHRC? The minute he saw the terms of reference and the methodology to be used he should have realized the report would end up being a political document with absolutely no basis in reality regarding Israel’s actions that would be used by the country’s enemies to villify and discredit it, no matter what was said about Hamas. That is exactly what’s hapening. Goldstone can have no one to blame but himself if he didn’t recognize that this would occur. All the signs were there for him to do so.

Two things are certain. Goldstone was manipulated and used and the report has done a great deal of harm to Israel and promises to do even more. What is less certain is whether he will try to redress matters by speaking out strongly against the deceitfulness of the UNHRC and the behavior of Hamas before, during and after the war. This would go a long way towards mitigating future events and preventing a great deal of suffering. It most likely would even save more than a few lives. Let’s hope that he is courageous, honorable and sensible enough to go on the attack.

It’s the least he can do.

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