Now that you’ve taken back your race take back your country, Re: ‘We’re taking back our race today’, Boston Globe, April 21, 2014

The 2014 Boston Marathon was completed without incident today, one year after two pressure cooker bombs exploded at the finish line of the 2013 event, killing three people and wounding 264 others. 

Without incident means that no bombs were set off this year and no one was murdered or maimed. 

A marathon runner who competed in the 2013 Boston Marathon and went back to compete in this years race was quoted as saying the attack “was such a senseless, crazy thing to do. You think of the people who were involved and they were just kids. You wonder how people so young could be filled with such hate.” 

The runner should stop wondering and so should everyone else who feels the same way, including Bostonians, including other Americans. 

The bombing wasn’t a senseless, crazy thing to do at all. If you were an Islamist acting in the name of Islam it made perfect sense and wasn’t crazy in the least. The two perpetrators were Islamists, they murdered and maimed people in the name of Islam and because they were Islamists acting in the name of Islam they felt perfectly justified in doing so and felt that their actions were entirely legitimate, which they were according to Islam. 

The perpetrators weren’t kids, at least not in the sense the runner was using the term. They were young men, they were Islamists acting in the name of Islam and they did exactly what other Islamists and Islam itself told them to do, exactly what Islamists have been doing in the name of Islam since Islam came into existence 1,400 odd years ago…murder and maim infidels. Its been going on for 1,400 years, its going on all over the world today and its what went on in Boston at the 2013 Marathon. 

The runner wonders how the perpetrators could be so filled with hate…Islamists and Islam filled them with it, just as Islamists and Islam are filling other young men with hate and exhorting them to commit heinous acts all around the globe even as we speak. There is no doubt at all that the perpetrators were Islamists and that they set off their bombs and murdered and maimed people in the name of Islam, not radical Islam because radical Islam as such doesn’t exist, but Islam itself…there is no doubt at all that Islam was the inspiration and motivation behind the bombs. Why these two perpetrators in particular though? Well guess what, the United States and every other country in the West is full of Islamists just like them and the attempts to do exactly what they did which have been foiled by American security services and security services in other countries are too numerous to count. 

The facts are as plain as day. All anyone has to do is open their eyes to see them. 

Westerners, Americans, Canadians, Australians, Europeans, everyone in the West, better open their eyes soon too. Islamists and Islam are on the march throughout the West and Western freedom, democracy, values, laws, institutions and the Western way of life are in serious jeopardy everywhere…hell, in lots of places like no go zones in various cities they already might as well not exist. If the situation isn’t remedied soon we will all find ourselves living in Islamic countries under Islamic law and our freedom, democracy, values, laws, institutions and way of life will be nothing but distant memories and things of the past. 

Even in Boston. 

Even in the United States. 

Nothing to wonder about that either.

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