Shunning the show, Re: Ahmadinejad’s vitriol meets with mass walkout, Jerusalem Post, April 21, 2009

The boycott of the United Nations Conference On Racism and delegates walking out of Ahmadinejad’s speech are both more than justified. These actions are to be applauded and celebrated as well.

They mean that perpetrators of hatred and racism at the UN are being exposed for what they are now and for what they have always been in all societies: vicious, ignorant, small-minded, insecure liars and hypocrites who in this case stoop to no ends to villify and demonize all things Israeli, American and Western, including shameless historical revisionism. The actions also mean that the West is finally beginning to wake up and is no longer willing to countenance such blatant nonsense.

These are surely very good things indeed. The perpetrators racist attitudes are a major impediment to peace and stability in the Middle East and the sooner they are discredited and dispensed with the better.

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