Does Obama even have a foreign policy?, Re: Obama’s Foreign Policy Of Denial, Human Events, May 2, 2014

President Obama’s foreign policy?

What foreign policy?

If Obama has a foreign policy he has not shared it with the American people. To be sure, he has spoken about various “red lines” in response to particular situations that have arisen and his condemnations and rhetoric about foreign events have been non-stop throughout his Presidency, but a clearly articulated general global foreign policy based on overarching principles with defined goals, objectives and boundaries for different sectors which involve the United States and its interests…there isn’t one and has never been one, at least one that anyone knows about anyway.


There are only two possible reasons.

The first is that there really isn’t one.

The second is that there is one but that it is a policy of appeasement, obsequiousness and weakness which he cannot share with the American people because they simply would not accept it and would simply not allow him to get away with it if they knew about it.

Since all he’s done is appease everyone in sight, since all he’s done is act in an obsequious manner to everyone in sight, since virtually everything he’s done has greatly weakened America vis a vis its antagonists and enemies, since all he’s done has greatly diminished America’s standing and position in the world, since he’s alienated all of America’s friends and allies, since whatever he is he is most certainly not a patriot, since he’s a political, ideological, narcissistic animal with no great love for America and its values and institutions I think its the second reason.

Take an honest, objective, in depth look at his track record, personality and personal history and decide for yourself.

Whichever the reason is, it is patently, unequivocally, clear that Obama’s actions in the international arena have been exceedingly harmful to America and Americans, have been exceedingly harmful to America’s friends and allies around the world, have been exceedingly harmful to freedom and democracy around the world and have threatened and jeopardized the national security and very existence of the United States. It is also patently clear that all of this will only worsen as long as he remains in office. Obama’s foreign endeavors have been a universal, total, abject failure for America and Americans and for many, many others too. All things considered, to think that things will do anything except get worse and worse, is delusional, to think that the remainder of his term will not be fraught with danger and bloodshed for America and Americans and for many, many others too as a result of his foreign policy is to have one’s head buried in the sand.

The Russians, the Chinese, the Iranians, the North Koreans, Islamists everywhere and all of America’s other assorted antagonists and enemies around the world know that and so do all of America’s friends and allies around the world. Its time Americans realized it too. Its time Americans got rid of him…impeach him, force him to resign, charge him with treason or sedition…however its legally done get rid of him they must. Their fate, the fate of their country and the fate of the free world depends on it.

Does Obama even have a foreign policy?

Sure he does.

A destructive, anti-American, anti-freedom and democracy one.

Which explains all his actions and explains why he can’t let Americans know about it.

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