The plot thickens, Re: Eleven terrorists with links to Al Qaeda have been arrested on suspicion of being involved in the disappearance of MH370, Daily Mail, May 4, 2014

Early last March a Malaysian Airlines jumbo jet on a routine flight between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing carrying 239 passengers and crew disappeared off the face of the earth. Despite massive searches covering thousands of square miles involving many nations and the latest technology no trace of the Malaysian Airlines jumbo jet has ever been found. Terrorism was initially one of the theories behind the planes disappearance but that was more or less discounted as time went by, for public consumption anyway. 

It has just been resurrected as a possible cause. 

Eleven terrorists with links to Al Qaeda have just been arrested in Malaysia and are being questioned about the jumbo jets disappearance. The arrests and interrogations came at the behest of international investigators, including some from America’s FBI and Britain’s MI6. The detainees are said to be members of a violent previously unknown terrorist group and some of them have already admitted planning terrorist campaigns and being involved in terrorism related activities. As of this writing credible scenarios are being developed and examined which lead to the conclusion that the plane was indeed hijacked by terrorists and is being hidden somewhere…that it remains intact and is being prepared for some evil, nefarious, terrorism related act…like being turned into a giant flying bomb to be flown into any number of possible targets causing massive destruction and the deaths of thousands if not millions of people for example. More and more information is surfacing that this is the real reason behind the planes disappearance and that this scenario is entirely possible…that the plane was hijacked and is being hidden and prepared somewhere and that it did not break up because of some catastrophic failure or event and sink into the depths of the ocean as had been previously thought. 

Could this really be the case? 

You bet it could. 

Do terrorists really have the skill and ability to pull off an operation of this size and magnitude? 

You bet they do. 

Are they bloodthirsty and barbaric and motivated enough to see the operation through to its end? 

You bet they are. 

Does this mean that the jumbo jet really will be turned into a giant flying bomb and will be detonated for maximum effect somewhere? 

Possibly, very, very possibly. 

Terrorists…aren’t they wonderful? 

MH370…the plot thickens. 

Stay tuned. 

And watch out for giant flying bombs.

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