The clock’s ticking, Re: N. Korea Has Nuclear Warheads for Missiles, Washington Free Beacon, May 5, 2014

North Korea has long had missiles capable of reaching Hawaii, Alaska, and the western United States. It has recently developed nuclear warheads which are light enough to be placed on these missiles, which means that North Korea now has the ability to attack the U.S. with nuclear weapons if it chooses to do so…this from a year old Defense Intelligence Agency Report and confirmed by a recent report by an independent expert in the journal Comparative Strategy entitled “The North Korean Nuclear Threat to the United States,”. 

Best estimates are that the North Koreans possess between six and ten nuclear weapons and could easily possess up to ten more as well. Regardless of the actual number the facts are that North Korea is a nuclear power, that it is capable of attacking America with nuclear weapons, that its nuclear capabilities are increasing rapidly, that it hates the United States and sees the U.S. as its mortal enemy, that it is becoming even more bellicose and threatening than usual, that it poses a clear and obvious and significant nuclear threat to America and American’s, that for reasons of its own (including the lunacy of its Dear Leader) it could attack the United States with nuclear weapons out of the blue so to speak and that such an attack is not only possible but is also probable, all things considered. 

So what does President Obama want to do in the face of this threat, in the face of Iran’s nuclear weapons development program (which is coming very close to fruition) and in the face of Russian and Chinese emnity and military might? 

He wants to weaken the American military, including its nuclear weapons arm, to the point where it is incapable of deterring America’s enemies from attacking the country, of making it incapable of defending and protecting the country. Indeed, he is well on the way to doing so. The American military is nowhere near as capable as it has been and is becoming less and less capable vis a vis America’s enemies with each passing day. Obama has already made the military a shadow of its former self and is further weakening and eroding it as we speak. His actions are more than an open invitation to the North Koreans and Iranians and Russians and Chinese to attack the United States and/or its friends and allies. They are a national security disaster and a recipe for national suicide, not to mention the death knell of the free world because the free world cannot possibly survive without the U.S. Obama’s actions must be reversed, and soon, or else America and Americans will pay a terrible price and so will the rest of the free world. After all, how long do you think the North Koreans or the Iranians or the Russians or the Chinese will hold back in the face of American weakness? 

Not long at all, not long at all. 

The temptation will soon become too much, too overwhelming. 

Obama’s actions are more than an open invitation and catastrophic and suicidal. 

They are also treasonous and seditious. 

Americans can’t afford to allow him to complete his term in office. 

They need to remove him from office. 



The clock’s ticking.

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