Start by reading the Koran, Re: Waking up the Islamist deniers, Toronto Sun, May 20, 2014

Islamists want to make Islam and Islamic law supreme throughout the West. They don’t want to coexist with the West, they want to conquer it and force everyone in the West to live Islamic lives under Sharia, Islamic law. 

Islamists see the West, and such Western staples as freedom, democracy and human rights, as abominations and incompatible with Islam and Islamic law, which they are. They see themselves as Islamic warriors at war with the West and have no compunction in committing the most heinous atrocities because whatever they may do is justified and legitimized by Islam itself. Acting in the name of Islam, they sow destruction, terror, bloodshed and death wherever they go…they also subvert Western institutions, values and laws wherever they go and try to destroy the West from within as it were. Their influence is everywhere and their treachery, cruelty, bullying, threatening and intimidating is legion. 

Islamists and Islam have made serious inroads throughout the West and there isn’t a country in the West that hasn’t suffered serious depredations at their hands, isn’t suffering serious depredations at their hands. Unless the tide is stopped and reversed, Islamists and Islam may indeed reign supreme in the West and Westerners may indeed find themselves living Islamic lives under Islamic law, with their freedoms and institutions and human rights nothing more than relics of the past. 

One of the reasons Islamists and Islam are on the march throughout the West and are making such deep inroads in Western countries is that many, most, Westerners fail to recognize and understand just how serious the situation really is, just how vulnerable they really are. Unless they have been affected personally in some way, they don’t see Islamists and Islam as threatening at all…unless they have been affected personally in some way they simply cannot believe that Islamists and Islam mean to take over their countries and their lives or that the heinous acts committed routinely in the name of Islam are representative and commonplace and are not out of the ordinary in the least…unless they have been affected personally in some way they do not believe that the atrocities committed in countries other than theirs can possibly committed in theirs as well. That is changing to a degree as more and more people become aware of the real nature and intent of Islamists and Islam, but it remains substantially true. 

Westerners and their governments cannot possibly stop and reverse the Islamic tide unless they recognize and understand the real nature and intent of Islamists and Islam. The West will simply not survive unless that tide is stopped and reversed. Those are givens. 

That is why I urge everyone who sees this to read the Koran. That is an absolute necessity if one is to recognize and understand the real nature and intent of Islamists and Islam. After that, learn as much as you can about Islam through the ages, not the sanitized, whitewashed version but its true history from the very beginning onwards. After that, learn as much as you can about what Islamists and Islam are doing in today’s world, again not the sanitized, whitewashed version of events but events as they really are. After that, do whatever you can to stop and reverse the Islamic tide. Wake up and open your eyes. Don’t be a denier or an enabler. Be a fighter. 

For your survival, for your countries survival and for the West’s survival. 

Oh, and by the way, not all Muslims are Islamists and not all Islamists are Muslim. In fact, many, many Muslims are victimized by Islamists and Islam, suffer terribly at the hands of Islamists and Islam. 

That should be part of your education too.

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