Get him out of there, Re: Obama’s Epic Incompetence, Commentary Magazine, May 22, 2014

President Obama’s incompetence is staggering. It is truly of epic proportions. In the five plus years of his presidency the list of his accomplishments is blank and the list of his failures is large and growing and includes everything that he is responsible for, everything that he has touched…the economy, domestic affairs, foreign affairs, everything and anything.. America and American’s are infinitely worse off in every way anyone can think of than they were when he first took office and matters are becoming more dire with each passing day…everything, everything, is getting worse, not better. On top of all that he has consistently lied to the American people and consistently flouted, ignored and broken the law and the boundaries of his office. He has turned the United States into a basket case domestically and a laughingstock internationally and jeopardized the future and very existence of the country. 

It used to be said that Obama was arguably the worse President in American history. Given his track record from the minute he took office to the minute you are reading this there is no arguably about it any more…he is the worse President in American history and America and American’s have paid a terrible price for electing him and will continue to pay a terrible price as long as he remains in office. What will his legacy be? Failure on all fronts, every single one, that’s what. If that isn’t staggering, epic incompetence nothing is. And yes, much as he tries to blame untoward circumstances or other people for his failures the responsibility for them lies on his shoulders and is his and his alone. Former President Harry Truman famously had a sign on his desk that said The Buck Stops Here. It stops with Obama too, no matter how much he tries to convince Americans that it doesn’t. 

So what to do about it, what to do about him? 

Stop talking and writing about his transgressions and failures and incompetence and lousy performance and get him out of office. The need is urgent and the mechanisms to do it are there, including impeachment. Everyone knows about his lousy performance and that he has been and will continue to be a lousy President. Talking and writing about his transgressions and failures and incompetence and lousy performance won’t change anything. Americans have to do far more than that. They have to get him out of office now, while there is still an America left. The damage that he has done is incalculable but it is surmountable. Give him another two years in office and it may be insurmountable. 

Get him out of there, that’s what to do about it, that’s what to do about him. Impeach him, charge him, force him to resign, but get him out of there. 

It would be a failure of staggering, epic proportions if they didn’t. 

Not only for them but for the rest of the free world as well because the free world cannot possibly survive without a strong America at its helm.

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