One, two, three strikes you’re out…hopefully, Re: The Bergdahl Swap: A Full-Blown Obama Scandal In Less Than 48 Hours, Human Events, June 3, 2014

Is this Obama’s last ‘at bat’ as President? 

Is this Obama’s ‘three strikes and you’re out’ moment as President? 

It better be because if it isn’t nothing will get Obama removed from office and he will be allowed to serve out his remaining time as President, during which time he will do incalculable damage to America and Americans, including the loss of large numbers of American lives which will occur as a direct result of his decisions…as a direct result of his attitude and behaviour and activities. 

If Americans don’t get rid of Obama over the Bergdahl Swap they’ll never get rid of him and he will have carte blanche to do whatever he wants to during the remainder of his presidency. 

Its bad enough that Obama traded Bergdahl for five high-ranking, incredibly dangerous senior Taliban Commanders with rivers of American blood on their hands who have been imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay for the past twelve years and who now will be able to take up their posts and keep on killing Americans and exhorting their fellow terrorists, their fellow Islamists, to do the same…its bad enough that Bergdahl was, is, a deserter who was ashamed to be an American, who hated, hates, America and everything it stands for…its bad enough that Obama acted illegally and unilaterally and ignored and violated the Constitution of the United States and the bounds of his office to make the swap…its bad enough that American soldiers were killed while searching for him after he deserted…its bad enough that Obama and his administration have constructed a completely false narrative about Bergdahl and the circumstances of his past, his time in uniform and his desertion and have been lying through their teeth to Americans since they started to smell a rat and criticism began to surface…its bad enough that Obama did not adhere to America’s long-standing policy of not negotiating with terrorists, especially for the release of hostages, because that effectively puts a price on the head of every American, not just those in the military…its bad enough that the Pentagon believed, believes, that Bergdahl may not have been a hostage or a prisoner at all and quite likely was a collaborator and convert to Islam, which is how he managed to stay alive for so long…its bad enough that the swap handed the Taliban an enormous victory, an enormous victory which was acknowledged by the Taliban’s supreme leader, Mullah Omar himself…all of that, and more, is bad enough but what makes the whole sorry episode even worse was why Obama made the swap in the first place and why it occurred at this particular point in time to begin with. 

All things considered, given Obama’s personality and track record and history the swap was made in the first place and made at this point in time in particular for one reason and one reason only…to get the ongoing Veterans Administration scandal and the limp speech he gave last week at the United States Military Academy at West Point off the front pages. It was a cynical, cold, calculated, political decision and nothing more and it was done to get Americans to forget about the VA scandal and the speech and boost his image in their minds. Obama has been getting hammered for the Veterans Administration scandal and the West Point speech and he thought the swap would give him a boost…that’s why it was made in the first place and that’s why it was made at this particular point in time. That makes it even more of an insult to America and Americans, especially to the family members of the soldiers who died searching for Bergdahl after he deserted. 

That also raises the question of just what else Obama would do to keep himself in office.

Obama’s whole history as President has been one of miscalculation and failure. 

Hopefully he will have miscalculated and failed here too. 

Hopefully, the Veterans Administration scandal will be strike one, the limp speech at West Point will be strike two and the Bergdahl Swap strike three. 

The Bergdahl Swap is grounds for impeachment, among many others I might add, and hopefully Americans will do exactly that…impeach him and get him out of there. 

He’s already done enormous damage to America and Americans and will do a great deal more if he’s allowed to stay. 

They say baseball is America’s national sport. 

Let’s hope it really is one, two, three strikes you’re out.

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