Give me the child and I’ll give you the man, Re: U.K. to teach students ‘British values’ after ‘Trojan horse’ scandal reveals Islamists taking over schools, National Post, June 10, 2014

An organized, coordinated conspiracy by Islamists to take over state schools in Birmingham, England and impose a ‘narrow faith-based ideology’ in them has just been exposed. The ‘narrow faith-based ideology’ is Islam. Dubbed the ‘Trojan horse’ scandal because of its surreptitious nature it involved Islamists infiltrating the governing bodies of various schools and using their influence and power to promote, implement and enforce Islamic thought and practices in them, to effectively remove their Western, British, character, values, curriculum and practices and turn them into Islamic institutions. Claims have surfaced in the wake of the exposure that the infiltration of schools by Islamists has occurred in other regions of the United Kingdom as well, claims which have credence because of the growing Islamization of the country in general and the ongoing effort by Islamists to impose Islamic law, Sharia, and Islamic thought and practices on everyone. 

So how has the government responded? 

Very well indeed. 

So far anyway. 

The Education Minister announced that as of this coming September all of England’s twenty thousand elementary and high schools will be required to actively promote British values. Current guidance for teachers and schools about those values asks schools to “enable pupils to distinguish right from wrong and to respect the civil and criminal law” and “provide pupils with a broad general knowledge of public institutions and services in England.” As of September they will no longer be asked to promote British values they will be required to actively do so. 

The Minister also said that teachers who allow extremists into classrooms will be banned from their profession and that the Governors and Heads of Schools involved in the Birmingham scandal may be stripped of their roles. 

“The conclusions of the reports today are clear, “ he told MPs in the House of Commons. “Things that shouldn’t have happened in our schools were allowed to happen. 

“Our children were exposed to things they shouldn’t have been exposed to. As education secretary, I am taking action to make sure that those children are protected. 

“Schools that are proven to have failed will be taken over, put under new leadership and taken in a fresh new direction. 

All of which is of course well and good if Britain is to remain British. 

After all, the old aphorism “Give me the child and I’ll give you the man” has proven to be true from virtually the birth of mankind and Islamists know that as well as anyone, which is why they target schools and children in the first place. If they succeed in indoctrinating British schoolchildren, if they succeed in turning British schools into Islamic institutions, they will be much, much further along on the path to turning Britain into an Islamic country and their goal of turning Britain into an Islamic country will be in sight. 

Typically, Islamists in Britain responded to the exposure by denouncing it and screaming about alleged racism and Islamophobia. 

Which is of course complete rubbish, nothing more than a diversionary tactic and nothing more than a means to discredit their accusers and force the British to both accommodate them and absolve them of any wrongdoing. 

Lets hope the British government has the courage, sense, foresight, strength and political will to stick to its guns. 

God Save the Queen. 

For now at least. 

Since everyone else in the West, Americans, Australians, Canadians, the French, Germans, Italians, the Spanish, the Scandinavians, everyone, are facing the same problems and the same dangers the British are and the same fate if they succumb to Islamists and Islam God save them too.

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