So what, Re: International nuclear experts allowed to inspect uranium site, Vancouver Sun, October 26, 2009

‘So what’ is the only proper response to this story.

If inspections are to mean anything at all three things must occur-all of Iran’s nuclear facilities must be subject to inspection at any time without notice, inspectors must not be affiliated in any way with the United Nations and/or the International Atomic Energy Agency and Iran must beĀ convinced that severe punitive measures will be taken immediately if evidence is found that nuclear weapons are indeed being developed there. Since the chances of any of this happening are nil the current inspection is utterly futile. Any others would be as well.

Even if the IAEA discovers that Iran was using the site to develop nuclear weapons the program itself will not be slowed down or hindered in any material way because the United States is not willing to bring it to an end by force. All it is willing to do is talk and threaten, which means nothing to the Iranians because they know perfectly well that they won’t have to suffer any real consequences from the U.S. no matter what happens. There won’t be any evidence found on the site in any case. Several weeks have gone by since it’s existence became public knowledge, which is more than enough time to remove anything that might be incriminating. It is ludicrous to believe that Iran wouldn’t have used the time to do precisely that.

The inspection must be seen for exactly what it is, part of an ongoing attempt by Iran to manipulate and hoodwink the United States into thinking that it can be persuaded to bring it’sĀ development of nuclear weapons to a halt through peaceful means in order to buy time until their possession is a fait accompli. It must be said that the Iranians have been very successful at this to date, even though what they are doing is patently obvious. It must also be said that military force and only military force can stop Iran’s nuclear madness. This too is patently obvious. Since the U.S. won’t launch an attack because of President Obama’s ego, ignorance and world view, among other things, it is a foregone conclusion that Israel will have to in due course. Moreover, it will be absolutely justified in doing so when the time comes because the survival of the country will be at stake.

See, ‘So what’ really is the only proper response.

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