I forgot the C word, Re: Hagel Throws Obama Under Bus Over Bergdahl, WorldNetDaily, June 11, 2014

On June 5th I posted an entry on this site entitled Stupid, no, not very pretty, yes. The entry was in response to an article in the Washington Times entitled Is Obama really that stupid? I used a wide variety of adjectives to describe Obama, none of them flattering. There was one I neglected to use however, even though in hindsight I could have and should have. 

That adjective is cowardly. 

Obama is a coward. 

Obama is a coward who refuses to accept responsibility for anything, who refuses to be held accountable for anything, who always, that’s always, tries to blame others for his mistakes and transgressions, no matter how trivial or serious they may be. 

He tried to do the same to U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel but for once his chosen victim did not participate in the charade and placed the blame for Obama’s latest national security boondoggle exactly where it belongs, squarely on Obama himself. Hagel has refused to fall on his sword so to speak and has made it clear that the ultimate decision, the final decision, to swap five high risk Taliban commanders with rivers of American blood on their hands who were being held at Guantanamo Bay for Army deserter and traitor Bowe Bergdahl was made by Obama and no one else. He did this in testimony before House Armed Services Committee in Washington last Wednesday. Last Monday Obama administration officials testifying before the Committee indicated that Hagel made the final decision to go ahead but Hagel straightened the Committee out on Wednesday and let it know in no uncertain terms that Obama made the decision, not him. 

The attempt to deflect blame and absolve himself of any responsibility and accountability was absolutely typical of Obama. He has done it time and time and time again during his presidency and will no doubt do it time and time and time again as long as he remains in office. Its part of his personality, part of his mentality, part of the way he operates and has always operated. In the Bergdahl case, he was perfectly happy to accept kudos in the beginning but the minute the true nature of the swap became apparent and critics began to speak out he needed a fall guy to blame, that fall guy being Hagel. The Bergdahl case is nothing new at all. That Hagel refused to let himself be the fall guy speaks to his character. That Obama tried to make him the fall guy speaks to his character too, his cowardly character. 

Obama is a coward alright and you can add that word to all the others I used on June 5th

Weak, indecisive, sanctimonious, dishonest, duplicitous, cold, cruel, calculating, a smart-ass, smarmy know it all, a total political animal, anti-American, naive, blind, simplistic, delusional, vindictive, shortsighted, untrustworthy, dictatorial, entirely self-serving, lazy, a lawbreaker, a hypocrite, profligate, ignorant, petty, small-minded, thin-skinned, nasty, a media creation, opportunistic, dismissive, vainglorious, easily manipulated, a sucker, full of excuses, unprincipled, a lousy manager, ruthless, a lousy thinker, heartless, an ideologue, unsubstantial, incompetent, damaged goods, traitorous, a narcissist, a wimp, an empty vessel, dangerous, the antithesis of a leader and a lousy President. 

All of them.

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