Concrete assistance is needed, not just words, Re: Mothers of Kidnapped Israeli Teens Urge U.N. to Take Action, Washington Free Beacon, June 24, 2014

Rachel Frankel, Bat Galim-Shaer and Iris Yifrach are the mothers of Naftali Frankel, Gil-Ad Shaer and Eyal Yifrah, the three Israeli teenagers who were kidnapped by Hamas while hitchhiking home from school two weeks ago. Israel has left no stone unturned in an effort to discover the teenagers whereabouts and rescue them from their captors but the Israeli’s efforts have proven unsuccessful so far and their fate remains unknown. The teenagers could be dead, they could be being held as future bargaining chips, they could be being held so that they can be traded for terrorists held by the Israelis, no one except their kidnappers and whoever they answer to knows where they are or even if they are still alive. There has also been widespread worldwide condemnation of the kidnapping and widespread worldwide expressions of support for the parents in addition to Israel’s efforts to find and rescue the teenagers, all to no avail.

In the meantime, Israel continues to search for them and their families continue to wait and suffer.

In the meantime, Hamas has denied having any involvement in the kidnapping or any information pertaining to it, which is patently untrue, and has said that the kidnappers should be saluted.

The families clearly believe that the international community could do much more than it has done to rescue the teenagers and just said so in a heartfelt address to the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva. Ruth Frankel, accompanied by the other two mothers and speaking on the families behalf, expressed their gratitude to all those who have condemned the kidnapping and to all those who have offered their support but nevertheless urged the international community to do much more than it has done to bring the teenagers home. Words are fine, but concrete assistance is what’s really needed and there has been a dearth of that since the teenagers were abducted.

She was wasting her breath. If the families or any other Israeli think the United Nations or anyone else except Israelis themselves are going to provide concrete assistance to find and rescue the teenagers, if they are still alive in the first place that is, they are sadly mistaken. Words are one thing but concrete assistance is quite another and Israel is alone on this. Even the United States won’t help in concrete terms, in spite of the fact that Rachel Frankel and her son Naftali both hold dual Israeli and American citizenship. Israel is alone on this alright, just as she really is in everything else as well.

The teenagers were kidnapped for one of two reasons.

Either they were kidnapped purely because they were Israelis, Jews, in which case they have been tortured and killed, or they were kidnapped because the kidnappers, Hamas, intends to use them as bargaining chips or trade bait.

There are no other reasons.

Either way, it tells everyone with any humanity and morality and decency and conscience in their bones that the kidnappers are nothing more than savage, despicable, barbaric monsters, savage, despicable, barbaric monsters who have no qualms at all about either killing innocent children or using innocent children as pawns to further their ideological, religion-inspired ends.

The kidnapping comes against the backdrop of Iran being on the verge of developing and possessing nuclear weapons, nuclear weapons which it would surely launch against Israel in an attempt to destroy the country and wipe it off the map while killing as many Israelis, Jews, as possible, and the massive military and territorial gains made by ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) jihadists in Iraq and Syria, one of whose avowed purposes is to overrun Israel, destroy the country while killing as many Israelis, Jews, as possible and make the land part of an Islamic Caliphate encompassing much of the Middle East.

Israel is alone in dealing with those situations as well.

After all, words are one thing are one thing but concrete assistance is quite another. If anyone thinks that the United States for example would retaliate against Iran for attacking Israel with nuclear weapons or would take military measures (the only measures possible) to prevent ISIS from attacking Israel they are simply dead wrong…they are simply dreaming in technicolor.

You know, like U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama.

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