The West’s Homegrown Jihadists, Not Just France’s, Re: France’s Homegrown Jihadists, International New York Times, June 28, 2014

Homegrown Jihadists returning from fighting in the Middle East are a serious security threat in all Western countries, not just France. Homegrown Jihadists returning from fighting in the Middle East threaten to import terror in the name of Islam to their home countries, threaten to sow the same bloodshed, cruelty, destruction and death in their home countries that they have been sowing in the name of Islam in the Middle East, with the goal in their home countries being the same as it was in the Middle East…to make Islam supreme and to ensure that everyone in their home country lives an Islamic life under Islamic law, Sharia.

Threaten hell, they’re actually doing it.

Numerous terrorist acts have already been committed by returning homegrown Jihadists in Western countries and the problem is getting worse by the day as more and more of them return from the Middle East, replete with both new skills they developed there which they can use to maim and murder people with bombs and other weapons and the fervor to actually use them. The problem goes way beyond France. Security services in every Western country you can name are struggling to come to grips with returning homegrown Jihadists and are trying to keep them from sowing the same bloodshed, cruelty, destruction and death in their country that they did in the Middle East. Can they succeed by themselves? No, they cannot and it is very safe to say that unless Western governments impose drastic measures on their own soil small and large scale terrorist acts committed by returning homegrown Jihadists will do nothing but increase regardless of the admirable efforts of individual security services.

So what can Western governments do?

The Party for Freedom in the Netherlands has just released a ten point plan to combat Islamic terror there. The plan applies to the Netherlands but it could just as easily apply anywhere else as well.

Here are some of the parts of the plan.

Once gone forever gone

“People leaving to fight for Islam in Syria, Iraq or elsewhere, will automatically lose their Dutch nationality, and will not be allowed to return to our country. Their accounts will be frozen and confiscated. This also applies to those who recruit people to fight for Islam.”

Immediate imprisonment

“Those fighters who have already returned from Syria must be imprisoned immediately. They must be administratively detained. Participation in and support of the armed Islamic struggle should be punishable by law.”

Deal hard with the supporters

“Mosques, Islamic schools and other organizations that provide financial or other support to those who go to fight in Syria must be closed down immediately. They should be confronted with civil, administrative and criminal penalties.”

More money for security

“Stop wasting money on development aid. Give more money to the AIVD (the Dutch General Intelligence and Security Service).”

Support Israel

“Israel is the front line in the fight against jihad. Stimulate economic relations with Israel. If Israel falls, the West falls.” 

There are five other parts of the plan as well. The full plan can be found at the EuropeNews website (} or at Geert Wilder’s weblog (}.

I would add an additional point to the ten in the plan.

Remove from office politicians who aid and abet Islamic terror, in the Middle East, their home countries or anywhere else.

Like United States President Barack Hussein Obama.

The ten points in the Party for Freedom plan are prefaced by the following remarks.

“Islam shows its true face in Syria and Iraq. Gruesome fanatics, including terrorists with Dutch passports, leave a trail of blood throughout the Middle East. The Netherlands have to protect themselves. If we don’t, the barbaric scenes that play today in Syria and Iraq will soon be repeated in our country.”

Very true.

The remarks are just as true if you substitute the name of your country for the Netherlands.

In fact, in some places they are already being repeated, with more to come.

Doesn’t leave any more time to waste before we act, does it.

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